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Monday, May 14, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120514

Smooth Graphic - Motion Array

FREE Guitar Tuner | AppBrain Android Market
How to Choose a Guitar Amplifier
Passive Tone Controls - Premier Guitar
Using Guitar Effects and Pedals

Free Teaching Resources | Free teaching resources and tips

#Music production:
TST’s Dubstep Bass Wobble Tutorial
How to Make White Noise Effects in NI Massive
Free 3D Sound Packs for Ableton
Indie: Rock Collection Vol.2 - 10 construction kits brimming in the styles of today's influential Indie artists
Textures – 10 Textured Sounds For NI Massive
Knowledge Bank Series: Recreating a WEEP Synth

Behind the Scenes – PictureCorrect What happens when you take a fine art photographer and a fashion photographer and have them shoot the same model, in the same wardrobe, at the same location?
Introduction to Photographing the Northern/Southern Lights
Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority: Exposure Lesson #1

How To Create an Outer-Space Themed Poster
How to Enhance & Retouch an Image – Photoshop Tutorial
Become Creative By Using Photoshop Basic Tutorials
Not Photoshopped Photoshop Pics | Mighty Optical Illusions
Here Are The Best Entries In Our Drunk, Sulking Patrick Kane Photoshop Contest
How To Crop in Photoshop
40 Attractive Photoshop Gradient Packs For Designers
30+ Surreal Photo Manipulation Tutorials For Designers
Photoshop Tutorial: Fixing Prospective | Nature Notes
Tutorial: Understanding Curves | Nature Notes
Amazing Photoshop Brushes for Free ~ Photoshop Tutorials
Moon and Stars Photoshop Brushes ~ Photoshop Tutorials

#Social #Media:
Music Industry Fail: This Time It's Personal.
DOWNLOAD Your Guide To Social Media Marketing Newsletter subscription needed
The Impact of Social Media
What are Social Media KPI’s?
How to Prevent Social Media Fatigue — Performancing
Social Media Clout: The Rise of Micro Celebrity Endorsements

Book Review: “Spunk and Bite”
The Rules of Engagement in English

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Hanging in a lounge with the head leaning on the wall, watching the lights and wondering what the world would look like in black & white.
Pictures on the wall, pictures in the papers, in the net and on every screen. And even if you close your eyes. Isn't that exciting?
Hunting a chord. Something in the guitar, trying to get it out into the amp.
On my album "Going Out for Summer" I have a weird fingerbreaking chord. I don't remember the song, only the try&try&try when recording.
The always good mooded and most funny people, deep in their heart they are the sadest people in the world
I don't like effect music. Effects are good, but never forget about the song, the pure composition. Does it sound on an acoustic guitar?

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120512

Instagram filters for video | Cineblur
Create a Spiral Galaxy in 5 Easy Steps

Guitar Music Books Help You Create Intimacy In Music
Here Comes The Sun: The Lost Guitar Solo by George Harrison

#Music production:
Using ‘Noise’ To Create Atmosphere In NI Massive
Studio Update Growl Glitch Bass Tutorial for NI Massive
A few sound design tricks in Massive inc. wavetable shaping, frequency shifter & oscillator cross-fades

How To Use a Digital Camera with a Telescope – PictureCorrect
How to Photograph Stars
How to Teach and Introduce Children the Wonders of Photography

How to make 3D Hosting Server in Photoshop
Whooshing Sky Effect
How to Use Drop Shadows in Photoshop
Design the Pirates Layout using Photoshop – Grafpedia
32 Pixel Perfect UI Element PSDs
Tips for Getting Started with Photoshop CS6
Where Calligraphy and Digital Arts Meet!
Image editing in Photoshop to improve snapshots
Photoshop CS6 vastly improved interface and features
9 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials Created in April
Got Dark Images? Lighten them up with Photoshop
Creating Water Splash Photo Effect in Photoshop
How to Improve Picture Quality in Photoshop
Design a Beautiful Cosmic Space Scene in Photoshop
Crop to fixed ratio in Photoshop « projectwoman.com
How to Create Masks of Transparent Elements in Photoshop
Beautiful Oil Painting Effect in Photoshop With Pixel Bender

7 Idioms from the Military

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Never record your singing in the bath. You believe, it sounds great. But it is awful.
One said, some of my songs are so Beatles like. Well, maybe. But the effects and sounds are modern. So it's 2012 music.
Don't worry about a mistake, learn from it. To make mistakes can be forgiven. Not learning is inexusable.
Sitting in meetings, listening to business people is so relaxing. From time to time you say yes or no. Most time you enjoy coffee.

I wonder where my album & music is. There is no factory, it's all virtual. Something on any servers or ftp-accounts. Strange not to know.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120511

Using Loop Expressions in After Effects for Video & Properties
Faster raytracing in CS6 while rendering in the background… YMMV
CS6: what’s new and changed « After Effects region of interest
Using Shapes from Vector Layers in After Effects CS6
Tutorials > Keying Greenscreens in After Effects CS5 Tutorial
Motion Aftereffects - Page 2 optical visual illusion in which the static images appear to the viewer as in motion
3D Motion and Position of Text Characters with After Effects
Motion Aftereffects optical visual illusion in which the static images appear to the viewer as in motion
After Effects CS6 Essential Training
3D Camera Tracker in After Effects CS6
How to Resize Actors Head in After Effects
turn graffiti into a living person

#Movie #Film:
Shot of the Week - Free HD Creative Commons Stock Video Footage - Timelapse Clouds

Music Theory / Tetrachords
learn guitar: Allman Brothers – Blue Sky – Southern Rock Guitar Lesson – Intro Part
Learn How to Read Bass Guitar Tab
Black Magic Woman How to Guitar Solo Lesson Music Theory
100 Greatest Guitarists: David Fricke's Picks

#Music production:
Massive Dubstep – Nebulla Womp (60 sounds for Massive)
Scary Alien Spaceship Sound in Massive
Lush Dub Techno Synth Bank for Massive
Phase Alignment for Live Sound with InPhase | Videos
Recording vocal over base track?

Light Painting Photography In Bullet Time – PictureCorrect
7 Secrets Every Aspiring Street Photographer Should Know

Photoshop winged rebel design tutorial
Create a Chocolate Volcano Using 3D Effects
Create a filmstrip in Photoshop from scratch
How to Transform Black and White Photographs into Colour using Photoshop
Turn your photos into Banksy graffiti
Designer Creates Free Photoshop Action That Emulates ‘Toy Camera’ Look
50 Time Saving Photoshop Actions to Boost Your Images
Adobe shows off Content Aware Move and other Photoshop CS6 features
Stars Without retouching | The Thread
Giveaway! Jo-Totes! Pure Photoshop Actions
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials - Out Of Bounds (OOB) (edit your photos to look as if it comes alive)
Create Stunning Graphics In Under 2 Minutes
9GAG - Awesome photoshop with 8-bit music

#Social #Media:
Get More Leads And Traffic with Best Content Marketing Tips

15 “Dis-” Words and Their Relations

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

I remember Las Vegas, where I did NOT make the big money in a casino. But I'm not the only one, that's a comfort to me. :-(
I have an idea: musicvideo, where a band is running, simply running. Where to? At the end You'll see. But what will be the message?
Nobody is perfect, but it's ok if you try.
A love formula excel cannot calculate: 2 friends * 2 gether = 4 ever.
Also silence can have a message. Speaking not a word can tell us quite a lot. Especially where free speech is forbidden.
My album cover has so intensive colours. I wanted it, it feels like summer.
The most heart attack computer message: "Wrong password. Access denied"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120510

Show A Motion Path With The StroMotion Effect

GIMP Updates with a New Interface, Layer Groups, and More

The boat that Hendrix's guitar help build

Paul McCartney breaks out rarities for rehearsal, soundcheck in Guadalajara

#Music production:
The Basic Functions of Harmony
The sound and music design of the interactive play Cotrone
Macro Control panel in NI Massive. What are KTR, VEL, TrR, AT ?
How To Make A Fat Saw Wave Monophonic Lead In NI Massive
Understanding NI Massive: The Stepper
Sound Design Lecture - Social Sound Design

Highspeed flash photography - tutorial with splashes, flashes and a tank
How to Document a City with Time-lapse Photography – PictureCorrect
Gray Photography - Tips & Tricks (this is a blog)
Tips From a Pro: Improve Your Shots by Getting Closer
Digital Photography Basics TV: Digital Photography Tutorials for Beginners - Examples Why to Never Use Auto ISO
Build a DSLR Shoulder Rig
How to Color Calibrate Your Monitor for Photo Editing
Super Moon Photography: How to Shoot the Moon (not only for werewolfs)
Quick Tip: No More Blur
Wildlife Photography Tip-Side Lighting
Pro Tip: Minimum Shutter Speed in Photography When Shooting Handheld
How to Remove Blemishes: Portrait Retouching – PictureCorrect
Is phoneography the future of photography?
21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Couples
Instantly Become More Photogenic By Tilting Your Head Forward no more doublechin!
Tip—How to Protect Your Valuable Picture Files with Online Cloud Storage
Instagram and its Impact on the World of Photography
Back Button Autofocus: Why You Need to Learn It
How to clean a camera lens
A Simple Lighting Technique for Couples Portraits
Make the sky work for you! A tip to improve your landscape photography...
useful photography tip #22: take a moment to think things through
useful photography tip # 21: how to shoot environmental portraits
12 Ways To Never Miss A Photo Opportunity
5 Tips for Creating a Workflow for Speed Portrait Shoots
How to Get Your Camera Back When You Lose It
Product photography tip: The fast and easy way to clean dust.
Photography Tip : Using Lines
Useful Photography Tip #24: Hacking the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible
Useful Photography Tip #23: Quick Reminders For Better Eye Care

Create Abstract Layered Text with Decorative Lighting Effect in Photoshop
Create Video Game Cover Art in PS
Quick Tip: Cross Processing With Photoshop
Quick Tip: Simple Portrait Photography Tricks
Top Tip for sharpening | Photoshop Daily
Top Tip for fading layer masks in Photoshop
"Quick Tip" - "CS 6? But, I just got used to CS 5!"
Photoshop Tip: Locking Transparent Pixels
Tip: Select secondary tools with Shift
Quick Tip: Using Kuler to work with color groups in Photoshop
Tutorials TV: 1000s of Free Photoshop Video Tutorials
Quick Tip: Color Your Artwork Using Actions in Photoshop
Our little cartoonish family at a strawberry field. Dodge and Burn Technique.
Grungy Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes
25+ Designs of Movie Posters - Photoshop Tutorials
Free Download: Arrow Photoshop Brushes
90 Seriously Disturbing Photographs Mixed With Illustration

#Social #Media:
The Truth About Facebook Advertising
Why being useful is the start of good social media storytelling
How To Turn Audiences Into Activists: 5 Lessons in Social Engagement from Participant Media

Courtesy Titles and Honorifics

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Had salmon BBQ with white wine. Summer is bbq time. Just like winter i think.
Waitress: "Shall I cut the spareribs?" Me: "Yes, but let it look like an accident!"
A man's brain is located between the legs? And what is between my ears? Sawdust? Oh, that's why it rustles when I shake my head.
I am thinking what will be the first song to feature/publish on the radio. Thank god I have only indierock, no love balads.
I once want to make a quick oneshot video: totally drunk playing guitar hanging on a radio mast. Only coz nobody did this before.
Sometimes have too many ideas. Write this, record that, pc work. Finally I complete nothing :-( But thrown away papers are full creativity.
I never know what day we have. Why should I? It changes daily.
If pain is history then hope, and only hope, is out future

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120508

Alfred Seether – Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces Guitar Tab | beauty-eye
What Do I Need to Know About Bass Guitar?
Online Guitar Lessons- Why Guitar Tutors Hate Them! -
25 Top Education Blogs to Rock Your World – #PLPnetwork chat recap

#Music production:
5 Virtual Dubstep Instruments + Download
The Shepard Tone : Constant rise or falling effect
Deep, Dubby Techno Mixes

Photography May Never Be The Same – PictureCorrect
Headshot Photography – PictureCorrect
Professional Fashion Photography Insights – PictureCorrect
8 Tips To Take Better Travel Pictures

Change Layer Effects Default Settings in Photoshop
Mastering Photoshop With Paths
What if You Could Photoshop Real Life
Know A.B.C Of Photoshop [Tutorials]
Photoshop Inception: A dream within a dream within a dream | Digital
shaping technique
Creating a Rustic Painterly Effect Using Photoshop Elements.
A Set of 10 best Photoshop tutorials for Nature effects !
58 Photoshop PSD Files For FREE!
masters' paintings photoshopped into skinny goddesses

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

In 4-5 weeks my new songs are out. Wonder the reaction of radiostations.
Cloudy or not, I called the album "Going Out for Summer". If not the real weather, music may bring summersmiles into faces.
Nearly one year I worked on the recordings to the album "Going Out for Summer". I have no statistics how many dayhours, how much nighttime.
Album "Going Out for Summer" finished. But every finish means a start for something new like musicvideos. The wheel keeps on rolling…

Monday, May 7, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120507

After Effects: New 3D Features in CS6

GIMP 2.8 Released: Watch Out Photoshop
Designing a robot drawing poster
A Simple Way To Make Digital Painting Angry Birds

Using Guitar Effects and Pedals
The Comprehensive Guide to Acoustic Guitars

#Music production:
15 Free Presets For Massive – Dubstep Sounds
Free Dubstep Bass Patches For Massive
Fl Studio Dubstep – Bassline Tutorial Using Massive
How To Make Dubstep in FL Studio
Trap Beat Secrets – Make Snare Roll Like Lex Luger
5+ Free Dubstep Plugins for Fl Studio
Razor Dubstep Wobble Synth Software – Create Grime Dubstep by Native Instruments Review and Free Download
5 FL Studio Dubstep Tutorials You Must Watch
Killer dubstep Drops free download
Best Dubstep Program for Mac
Watch Skrillex in the Studio Making Dubstep
Making a Layered Digital Didgeridoo in NI Massive with OhmLab – Part 8 (of 10)
Electric Guitar with NI Massive and Guitar Rig in FL Studio
Quick & Easy Series: Making a Crushed Space Blip Synth
Minimal Sounds With NI Massive – 10 min Video
Understanding NI Massive: The Modulation OSC

Parrot Photography – PictureCorrect
Portrait Tip: Don’t Fill the Frame
Family Photography – PictureCorrect
15 Free Photoshop Alternatives For Editing Photos

Create a Heart Touching Emotional Photo Manipulation – Photoshop Tutorial » ideasplayer.com
Minimalistic but dramatic poster style using Photoshop
How To Create Sleek Futuristic Text Effect
Teen Girl Petitions Seventeen Magazine to Stop Airbrushing Models
Lunacore Photoshop Training - Photo to Line Drawing tutorial
Photoshop CS6 Tutorials: 30+ New Tips And Tricks
Tilt-Shift Effect in Photoshop CS6 • IceflowStudios Design Training
10 Ways To Make Sure Your Image’s Bright Red Is Bright And Red
Welcome to Photoshop Warrior (tutorial)
Use Content-Aware Scaling to Resize Images
Collection Of 600+ Free Ink & Paint Photoshop Brushes
Create a Stylish Badge in Adobe Photoshop
           (you will need it for upcoming pres elections in usa)
30+ Excellent Photoshop Tutorials For 3D Effects

#Social #Media:
Measuring the Business Impact of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

Treatment of Words That Include “Self”
7 Heavenly Bodies as Sources of Adjectives

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Oh, gasoline is so cheap in the USA. Ok, there are long distances. The endless highways, the lonely land. We don't have that in Europe.
Waiting for an idea for my musicvideo: Background should be expressing love, but not paper hearts hanging down like in 60s.
OMG, my DVD drive on internet-pc is damaged. Tried with cleaning disk, but it doesnt work. Burnt 3 DVDs to throw away.
Crazy: The songs I work long are well done only. The songs I record in one night spontaneously are the best. I dont know why
Something is happening, i dont know what, but it happens, simply happens.
Synthies are great. Create every sound you want. But the problem is how to do that. I mean to control the machine and not being controlled