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Friday, February 17, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120217

#AfterEffects:After Effects Project Files - Booms!!!
(yet another stunning videohive)
Download 10 More Stock Smoke Clips For Free
How to change the color of an object in After Effects
(paint it black, you devil!)
After Effects Tutorial – Create 3D Text onto live action Footage HD
(Arnie likes action)
#Graphics:How to Create Watercolor Background using Phantasm CS and Adobe Illustrator
Stunning Knobs, Sliders, and LCD Style Displays
#Musicproduction:How to Configure Your Axiom Control Surface with Logic Pro 9
How to Build a Home Studio / Electronic Music Production Setup for Under $1000
(everybody can record like a star)
6 Ways to Get Publicity for Your Album
(i think there are more than 6)
Producer Mark Ronson Talks About 'shutting off the disco ball in my head' for 'Generation Music Project'
Talkbox with Native Instruments Massive
Quick & Easy Series: Nasty Wobble Bass in NI Massive
#Photography:Circus Photography Tips and Techniques – PictureCorrect
(horses, clowns and big eyes)
Low Light Wedding Photography Tips – PictureCorrect
(wedding pix must be light and bright)
How to Use the Human Form to Give a Sense of Scale to Your Images [With Examples]
(so sophisticated)
Proper Exposure in the Snow
Direct and Indirect Light
Study Other Great Photographers
(always a good idea)
Custom Bokeh
How To Photograph Light Trails
Strobist's guide to bending colours to make a sunset sizzle
What is diminishing perspective? How can it improve your photography?
Three Secrets To Flash Success
(i had my flash yesterday when i crashed with the tramway door)
External Tip – 12 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials You Should See
Photography Tip: How to Photograph the Moon!
Image Keywording Tips - Tip #59 Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Image Keywording Tips - Tip #27 Only Adults?
#Photoshop:From simple shapes to space craft photoshop tutorial
20 Websites to Learn Photoshop » Design You Trust – Design and Beyond!
36 Brilliant Photo Effect Tutorials
(brilliant? Why not diamond?)
Realistic Wrinkled Paper In Photoshop
20 Websites to Learn Photoshop
Let's go over Photoshop Basics
(for rookies)
The Amazing Photo Manipulation Art of Erik Johansson
Best and Free Photoshop Patterns and Seamless Vector Pattern Resources For Web Designers
10 Photoshop Tutorial Resources Every Designer Should Bookmark
Photoshop art from Steven Meyer-Rassow
Adobe Photoshop CS5 – PatchMatch
3 Simple Ways to Improve Low Resolution Images (and Typography) - How
Vintage Typography Tutorial using Ornamental Styles
Tutorial | Create super psychedelic artwork
Tutorial | Paint a multilayered surreal portrait
41 High Quality Photo Manipulations For Inspiration
Free Photoshop Actions (and PSE), Templates, Textures & More
Photoshop Tip Of The Month: Cleaning up a photo and adding elements in Photoshop
Create a Reusable CSS Menu with Photoshop
Photoshop Productivity and Learning Resources
Models' Real Faces, Before The Photoshop Magic
#Writing:A Quiz About Attribution
WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)Being crazy and feeling alright, that's what a sane person does.
Look what you done. Ok, and what would Buddha say about this? Probably: in every bad is something good, now eat rice!
Every doing is trial. And success finally only a positive end of trying. Never stop trying.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120216

#AfterEffects:After Effects Project Files - Promote Your Website/Business
Creating 3d for AfterEffects, Motion Blur, Antialiasing
How to Camera Map in After Effects to Create a Camera Move on a 2D Image
Via Dynamic Link Daten austauschen
After Effects basics tutorials by Andrew Devis « After Effects region of interest
Showcase | Adobe After Effects CS5.5
#Film:Pompeii: Back From The Dead (2011)
#Musicproduction:You Know How Good Waves Plugs Are | Pooch’s Corner
The Sound Effects Bible - DesigningSound
How to Make Flux Pavilion’s Bass Cannon in NI Massive
(for soundwizards)
How To Reduce CPU Load For NI Massive
(does not mean it works on a 386)
Hi hat patterns with the noise OSC and performer modulator in Native Instruments Massive
(i prefer real suonds)
Review: Sounds of the Revolution Kick Free Revolution 3
#Photography:Vintage Car Photography Tips – PictureCorrect
6 Ways to Add Drama and Mystery to Your Images
(drama, baby, drama)
Emotion and how we deal with it | Camera Club | [user-raw] | Photography Blogs | [site slogan]
(i know, i know! make love)
Why Shooting to the Right Gives You Better Final Images
(stand up for your right!)
How to make a black background out of nothing but camera & strobe settings
Tips: Shooting with Back Light
Fun With Photography - Water Balloons
Top tip for shooting Interiors | Latest Industry News
Image Keywording Tips - Tip #124 Toddler
Photography revolutionized in ‘Digital Darkroom’ - Arts & Entertainment
#Photoshop:Photoshop's 10 Most Useful Features for Digital Artists
(another tophit list)
Photoshop Quick Tip: moving layers to another document.
Simple Adobe Photoshop Tip – White Background with Brush Tool
Text in a Circle – Photoshop Quick Tip | Gavin Hoey
Method & Craft | Adding Texture in Photoshop
Photography Tip: Aperture Values with Mark Wallace
Retouching Tip: Applying Makeup with Photoshop
(turn a boring model into a rocking shooting star)
Tip: Creating Glow Effects in Photoshop!
Lighting an Unlit Cigar with Photoshop Layer Styles
Tutorial – Coloring Line Art and Alpha Channels
Create circle pixels for a fun and funky pop art graphics in Adobe Photoshop
How to create transparent text in Adobe Photoshop
(invisible text is data protection to the maxx)
Photoshop's Jaw Dropping Content-Aware Fill
The Making Of 'Lust' - Worth1000 Tutorials
Photoshop CS6 Can Magically Move Around Any Object In Your Photos
How to draw a digital portrait
How To Get Sharper Images
Photoshop 101: The Annoying Phantom Brush | BittBox
Flavorwire » Startling Photoshop Makeovers of Classic Nudes in Art
(oh, oh, oh)
How to turn a photo into a line drawing
A Quick Photoshop CS5 Tutorial To Create Animated GIFs
#Writing:10 Experiential Writing Prompts
WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)When I write "ID" my auto-correct fills it up to "Idiot". Must be an error but the technician said, it's a wise computer.
Not every falling is caused by gravitation. Falling in love, falling into sleep,…
Love is blind. So don't be surprised when you bang your head.
Love and peace. That's everybody wants, but only a few get it for a moment.
A songidea is a paroxysm, a philosoph said. A paroxysm is a sudden outburst of something, a violent emotion. Man, keep it simple please!
The earth without art is only eh, the painter with dishevelled hair mumbled while he throws another paint spot on to the linnen canvas.