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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Film- and photoshot in castle Laxenburg near Vienna on a bright summerday

Had filmshot in Schloss Laxenburg, a beautiful castle from Kaiser time near Vienna. I need a few shots for a musicvideo, don't say more, just work on it.
It was very hot, a real bright and sunny day. I had video camera and photocamera. I went (nearly) around the lake. Unfortunately it is not possible to surround the lake. I went up to the bridge and to the grotto. On the way to the bridge to the castle (Franzensburg), named after Kaiser Franz Joseph, I saw interesting trees. I am not one of these crazy naturalists holding a tree murmuring magic spells to inhalate the energy. I mean it's a plant, nothing but a plant.
I had a opulent breakfast at 8am with coffee, chiabatta (Italian bread), sausage, cheese, tzatziki. I arrived at 1pm and left at 5:30pm. I only had 1.5l mineral water with me, nothing to eat. After arrival at home at about 7pm I started cooking. Shrimps with rice, Asian sauce and salmon. And a bottle of my favourite white wine, Hungarian Muskat Ottonel from Danube region.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Filmcutting Mohandas musicvideo

gawking into monitor while cutting
Actually working - let's better say finishing - musicvideo to the song "Never" by Viennese band "Mohandas". I work with Adobe Premiere CS5, english version. I prefer english version because tutorials and q&a in internet usually are in english and refer to the english version of software. Hard enough to see a tutorial on Apple while having a Windows pc.

Ok, here is a short preview (a few scenes) used in the musicvideo. It starts in the sky where the big stars fall down on Vienna to rock. Sorry for lousy quality of picture, but that's Google-video upload.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

At hairdresser - filmed with secret spycam on my hand

I have a wrist watch with video/photocamera and I made a few shots when I was at the hairdresser. Only a test. Pssssst: Next time I will get secret shots from secret places ;-)
I purchased this spycam to picture at problematic places. Forbidden or not, I like to picture to remember later.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Concert Jana & die Piraten at TueWi, Vienna

Went to Tuerkenwirt (TueWi) where Austrian band "Jana & die Piraten" (Jana and the pirates - watch my tv report and interview) were playing. Small location, suburban-indiemausic-subculture-adequate pub. Members of the band were also members of Vienna band "Unding". I produced a interview and musicvideo for tv with them.
The band played pretty well, people liked it, some started to dance.

shoot the shooter

meet & greet other musician: Stephan Ruetz

with Jana

with Leo from band UNDING

Monday, June 20, 2011

Work in tv studio OKTO, Vienna

Working with UTV in TV studio of Vienna tv channel
OKTO as director's assistant on the camera mixer. Man, I did not learn that, did not study, but I worked it out.

Most important: make a plan!!!!!

First I helped a little to build up the scene in the studio. Then I was in my job in the live mix room.
We took moderation for the next 3 magazine tv shows of the community UTV. My job was to switch the cameras at the right time, we made a live cut. Interesting to work in a tv studio. What challenges are there, what jobs are to do there? Well, I am not a newbie, was working behind the camera there, but it's never too late to learn. And learning by doing is a great chance to put hands on the machine.

My tip: don't say "no, i cannot, i never did it before"; just say "i never did it and now I will learn that". Here some wise words from a beardy old sage whispering before he died under his eiderdown: "If you do what you can you will always be what you are." And the second thing he said was: "Rosebud", but forget it.

Nevertheless here some pictures from the hard work in the studio.
Olivia, Anna, Christian, Max

Max, Daniel, Thomas (OKTO)

And here a few shots and scenes. I made this spontaneously with my very small photocamera with videofunction. I recorded it without additional light on 640x480. It's pure, it's quick and dirty, that's what it is.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

ViennaCC und die Band "Schrenz"

Die wiener Band "Schrenz" spielt Rockmusik mit deutschen Texten.
Hier ein Interview mit Bandmitgliedern über die Gruppe, den Namen und die neueste CD. War spaßg mit der Band zu drehen. Kurze Eindrücke und Outtakes auf http://viennacc.blogspot.com/2011/05/videoshot-with-band-schrenz.html

Danach folgt ein Musikvideo mit dem Lied "Debakel". Im bunten SuperTrooper Scheinwerferlicht springt der Bassist und krümmt sich der Sänger.
Das Leben ist ein ewiges Debakel, ein ewiges Gfrett...