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Monday, April 11, 2011

Face II Face - DJs from Vienna

Decades ago bands played live on ballnights and weddings. I remember when we had about 300 songs in stock. And some evergreens like "Rock around the clock" or "Love me tender" were musthave-s. With electronic music you can book a DJ-lineup doing loops, remixes and dancefloor-extended-versions.

Here is an example of interesting entertainers from Vienna with music on their website. Sure, some parts of the songs sound monotone, but that's what you need when get the feeling on the dancefloor. But never it's boring. I also like the vocals in the tracks, it gives a human touch.

Video CHAT ONLINE online

Uploaded musicvideo "Chat online", a song out of the album "Connected".
Deep inside the network between server-boxes and rising webpages in the background i perform the song. That's what I call adventure chat online.
It was interesting working in the studio. So different than standing on stage. Always "do this", "dont do that", "beware of the light" and "keep your hand visible". There is a lot of computerwork in there. But having fun get experienced is what counts.
As usual in the lyrics I play around with words.
Thanks to Sandra, TV-producer, acting as model in this video. Doesn't she look good?


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Filmshot at Tatoo show in Vienna

Freakshow and tatoo-shops at Gasometer in Vienna. I had a filmshot there. I also met the most tatooed man, even in the Guiness book of records. Mariam interviewed him.

Some freaks there, some stereotype people. Tatoos came up in the late 80s. I had my Ed Hardin-tie, what fits well, because Ed Hardin 1996 had a show called "Pierced Hearts and True Love" in New York City, what gave the tatoo-subculture a kick.

The producer-girl Mariam purchased a bodice (corsage). Looks great, yes. camera-girl Olivia also purchased one. Fooling around with Olivia at a Alien-sculpture.


The drumshow was great. The music very rhythmic and on stage 6 drummer where drumming on oil barrels and acrobats performed. After 4 hours we had enough and went off.

On the way home in the sub U3 a girl with two boys sat down near me. She said: hello! I replied: Hi! She thought I came from England, but I said I am a rockmusician from Hollywood. We communicated only in english. When they left the train I said a goodbye in good german and they started to laugh as if they never can stop. The sub left the station and I still could hear them laugh.

At vernissage Kulturstadl Essling

Yesterday vernissage with Ingrid & Doris in Essling / Vienna. The event took place in the suburbans Kulturstadl Essling. Long way from the (inner) city to district 22. Out there it doesnt look like the city of Vienna. It looks more landscape and small village. Nearby there is a small museum for Fatty George, a famous Austrian clarinet-player.
At the event 2 artists presented their paintings. After speeches (well, must have) a poet read hist texts. Something boring and irrelevant. Finally a dancing group performed 4 dances. All of them female. Well, that was a hit.
I had to film the event to make a DVD then. Even get payed. Not too much, but I'm a lucky man.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sick Boys Club play multistyle music

Sick Boys Club from Birmingham, Britain (UK) are fit in many styles. Burlesque musictheatre, mineworkers shuffle, nutty sound ska,... very interesting, because the music is full of ideas. You cannot categorize them or thro them into a genre-box. The only box would be labeled with "miscellanous". No charts-music, but experimental underground. They work without synthesizers, all natural instruments - or good emulated by software.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Making of Lady Smile Remix" video released

Free download-URL for video-file and music-file at the end.
See how the video was created, what ideas lead to this result. Secrets and knowhow, about the tools used and comments behind scenes.