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Friday, August 8, 2014

ASCAP Expo 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

At Dolby Theatre in Hollywood / Los Angeles

At Dolby Theatre in Hollywood / Los Angeles

Friday, June 13, 2014

Evening in Hollywood

I like the colours of the blue hour. Nice photos are possible in this short moment.
This picture: on Hollywood Bvd

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Steak in Hollywood

Always when going to USA I eat steak. Medium. With sauces.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Dolby Theatre in Hollywood

Yet another selfie
Take a break from ASCAP EXPO.
Dolby Theatre is known as Kodak Theatre. Since economic problems of Kodak, Dolby took the costs of 3mio USD per year. Now the theatre has a new name.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Yet another red carpet

Hollywood Bvd. Did not see celebs, but yet another red carpet on Hollywood Bvd.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Film shot in Hollywood

Film shot on Hollywood Bvd in the evening. Film industry is so present in Hollywood.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hollywood Ambassador

Evening on Hollywood Bvd
Walking along the Hollywood Bvd. A man in tailcoat and topper greeted. I greeted. He asked where I come from and looking at my ASCAP badge how long this event (ASCAP EXPO) will be. Then he said: "Oh, You are from Austria. I was interviewed as Hollywood ambassador by Austrian tv. It was 'Seitenblicke' in ORF. You know ORF?".

  • ORF: Austrian national broadcasting company
  • Seitenblicke: People chitter chatter tv magazine produced by ORF. Comes every day 7h50 to 8h10 pm. Quite popular

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Marijuana in Metro

I was going with Blue Line Metro, Los Angeles. Suddenly the driver made an announcement: "It is not allowed to smoke Marijuana in metro. The whole waggon smells. Please put it away."
I only thought: "That's L.A."

Monday, May 12, 2014

Herr Horst in Hollywood

In a sidestreet of Hollywood Bvd I saw a man cleaning the street. His first name was written on a name badge on his jacket: "Horst". I was wondering about this German name. Then I saw that there was written "Berlin / Germany". He is employed in a hotel nearby.
I said: "Guten Tag, Herr Horst" (Good day, Mr.Horst). He smiled and started to talk about his life in Berlin, Guatemala, Chicago and Los Angeles. Later in the afternoon when I was walking with my suitcase to Metro to go to airport I met him again. He was on the way home.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Bomb Alarm In Hollywood

While I was at ASCAP EXPO in LOEWS Hotel there was a bomb alarm in the next house near Dolby Theatre (former Kodak Theatre). Police blocked the Hollywood Bvd. Helicopteres were standing in the air. I don't think that it was police. I think it were reporters waiting for the bang to get the shot.
Finally it turned out to be a joke.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flight back home

Flighing at 7:50pm from LAX (Los Angeles) to LHR (London Heathrow).

In the morning packing things together, then walking along in Hollywood and doing some photoshots. Wheather is cool, cloudy and windy. 17-19C. Then with Metro to airport.
Hollywood Bvd - no real police officer, but sexy
Zorro at Kodak center - sometimes heros need a break (and phone)

Delay at London / Heathrow. Heathrow always is a stress desaster. Running to bus to get me from terminal 1 to terminal 3. Running to check-in. Running to gate B28. Then sitting and waiting - flight has 40min delay.

Arriving at 8pm in Vienna.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Museum and shopping

Visited Hollywood Museum on North Highland. Hollywood movie reminiscences on 4 floors for 15$. Mae West, Marylin Monroe, Cary Grant, George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and all other great names are part of this exhibition. Clothes, scenes, tools and hundreds of photos of the actors, producers, directors and other Hollywood movie involved. A big story is Max factor who invented so many cosmetic products to make the Hollywood stars look better. He built up a cosmetic empire, but was kidnapped. A few weeks after coming free he died. Tragic story - stuff for a Hollywood movie.
Hollywood Museum - Marilyn Monroe room

Visited also Hollywood Heritage museum not far, also on North Highland. Last year it was closed when I came there. This time I looked up the website in the morning. The house was originally located on Santa Monica Blvd and was moved to present location to save the building. Looked first successful Hollywood movie "The Squaw man" by Cecil B. DeMille made for $16k finally grossed over $200k nationwide.

Hoolywood Heritage Museum

Then moving to the Hollywood Bowl with the shell on stage. A remarkable place where the Beatles played on 23 August 1964 and 30 August 1965.

Later shopping on Hollywood Bvd. New shoes in a Outlet shop I always visit when in Hollywood.

Shopping in Melrose Ave. I know the Russian born shopmaid from last year. Puchased shirt, jeans and jackets.

Getting flavour cigars. We don't have that in Austria. A few pieces to remember Hollywood later when smoking in Vienna.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

ASCAP Expo - Hollywood

2012 04 19 - 22:
At the Renaissance hotel / Hollywood at ASCAP Expo. Speeches and product demonstrations from 9am to 5pm. Had breakfast at 7am and starting the day with looking at ASCAP schedule to mark events I will visit. There events all through the day. So I have a banana with me. In the evening I fall into the hotel room putting a meal in the microwave.

On the last day I spoke a message to ASCAP into video camera. It was a short interview and I ended with the words: "It's not the first time here at ASCAP Expo in Hollywood. But to say it with Arnie's words, who is from the same country like me, I'LL BE BACK!"

Ex-governator ("I'll be back") is the running gag for me. Some Americans don't know our country, some mix it up with Australia (hey, we have Mozart, they have the kangaroos), but all know Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I met producers, musicians and other creatives.

Selection of interesting contacts:

with charming Lady Tasz

Maor - mastering engineer http://maorappelbaum.com/

Judy - CosmoCoalition http://www.cosmocoalition.org/

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

Visiting Universal studios. At the ticket desk the officer acted as a sales representant and had advisory talks. "If you buy this then get benefits..." showing a paper, " do you want ...". People discussing, being unsure. I booked my ticket from Vienna. After standing 25 minutes in the sun he told me that I have to go to the guest desk. New game, new queue, silent Yippieh in my brain. Ok, second day for free is included.
Well on first sight it looks like Vienna, Wurschtelprater. A funzone with games and food. Food is sold everywhere, typical american food: fat and sugar. No thanks, not for me.

Now to first attraction, the Horror house. Great, I was shocked for real. Better then horror houses in vienna. Because they have real men working there as monsters. It is not a mechanical machine with forseeable actions. And if you pass the situation on the sideline the monster will take out his arm wider to grab you. No escape!

Horror house
Then I want to see Transformers 3D. Announced next show at 11h30. The show is in the lower lot. Passing the Apollo 13 capsule and statues of Tom Hanks and two others and going to endless elevators from Upper Lot to Lower Lot. Although announced the show is cancelled. Workers are going in and out and a guard said that the show will take place in one month.

endless moving stairs down to lower level
Now going to see Blues Brothers show. That was fun. They played all hits known from the movie and performed on stage to playback music, but sang live, together with a black lady with good voice and a black singer. Arriving and leaving in the original Blues brothers car with a big speaker on the roof.

Blues Brother near
Now to the Studio tour. Very impressing. 3D Jurassic park show, white shark coming, Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchock's "Psycho" attacking the car with a knife after putting a dead body into his car. Very impressing the whole cities with buildings and streets. It's all scenery. Also New York buildings where Criminal Minds is produced. Fire and noises and dancing cars moved by big robot arms from the movie "The fast and the furious". I also saw the DeLorean from the movie "Back to future".
DeLorean and other cars from the movies "Back to the future"

3D glasses are needed for a Jurasic park show in 3D. Dinosaurs are attacking the train with visitors and King Kong is not amused. They show parts of the movies when the train passes the scenery. And I felt an earthquake while in the metro. Waggons crashed, flames come out a gasoline tankcar. And water splashed toward us while the train is shattered. When the show is over the train moves to next attraction, robot arms move the metro waggons back to starting position, he fire ceases and water run off. The scenery is ready for the next train coming after 10 minutes. Best seats are 2nd or 3rd waggon (from 4) on the right side. There the white shark and Norman Bates is nearest.

The Special Effects show at 2h30 pm was cancelled due technical problems. Sh..... Even in Hollywood not everything is perfect. Now seeing Animal actors. Amazing what animals can do. It was a very great show with gags.

Marilyn Monroe to be pictured
Now back to the 4pm show of Special Effects. Well, nothing technically new for me, I saw factual films on tv, but impressing and funny too. They showed Bluebox, motion capture and other effects like a knife cutting a hand. With the help of a visitor. That young girl had a awful screaming, she would get a job as screamer for horror movies. Looking behind the scenes is usual in US shows there were gags and fun.
Universal Studios is a must for Hollywood visitors.

Finally I must say, it was impressing. And april is a good time for travelling. I had to wait maximum 15 minutes. No endless queues, no mass of people.
French village - could be in Provence

In the evening I wrote postcards to friends saying:
Earthquake in Hollywood studio
Today there was a earthquake while I was in the metro. Partly ceiling has collapsed. And it was a so warm and sunny day. In waggon there was nobody hurt, only screamings. Then I visited other shows at Universal Studios. Greetings from Hollywood!
Hardrock Cafe at Universal City

Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 04 16 Flight to Hollywood

Flight with British Airways from Vienna / Schwechat (VIE) to London Heathrow (LHR). 3 hours later (good time to walk around and look at planes starting and landing at this big airport) from London to Los angeles (LAX). Arriving at 7:10 pm after 11 hours flight. Boring immigrant procedure at the US airport. It seems to me that the officer is bored from that monotone job and so he starts a little conversation saying that all great musicians came from our country Austria. And that he knows Falco, who is not among us anymore. I only said " great, that you know". Well, to stand in a queue or to wait for luggage makes no difference. But after 10 fingerprints and a photo we have to stand in a queue again with luggage for officer checking the immigrant declaration formular with passport. I don't understand why this cannot be done in one run. 1.5 hours after landing I left the airport.

Going with the bus GREEN LINE what was written in lilac letters on the bus display at the busstop blue zone from airport to metro, green line. Changing green line at Imperial / Wilmington to blue line going to 7th Street / Metro center. Then with red line to Hollywood Highland, one stop after the Vine, the station with the original film cameras. It was dark outside when I wen with metro through suburban area. Obviously there a re only companies located and at that time noody is working. So I saw only dark biuldings, a dark area. Feeling alone in the dark. In between there were light spots. Drive Ins or McDonalds. Not really an area I want to live.

When arriving in Hollywood the stations are so different to the blue line stations. Not simple platforms and a little wire fence. the red line stations are designed, with installations or even artworks on the wall (and I don't mean graffitti).

on Hollywood Bvd
In the hotel, one block from Chinese theatre, I found out that I forgot my travel guide book. But no problem. It's not the first time here in Hollywood, so I find my way.

The plug adapter - european socket, US plug - is too big or my notebook plug. I had that prob last year. Now I remember, but too late. It was not easy to find an adapter in Hollywood. But last year I purchased one for big money, it was so expensive. I forgot about. But with the help of the hotel where I lend pliers I fixed it. Now I have electricity for my notebook and the batteries of photo- and videocamera.

About 70 tv channels, but no MTV, no CNN and only 2(!) channels with films in english. More non-english channels, spanish and "asian" where I cannot different chinese from japanese or corean. Shopping channels - we also have that in Europe. And tv-preachers - we don't have that at home. Ok, ABC and NBC are tv trade marks I know and trust. Interesting that there are quite many old black&white movies on screen, not only on MeTV, a station specialized on old tv films, recycling past productions. I saw Laurel&Hardy, TheUntouchables, and also I Dream of Jeannie, Simon Templar, Rockford,...