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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kunstmue Festival 2018 - Interviews, Live

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bericht Kunstmue Festival 2013

mit Security am Backstage-Bereich
Am 19. - 20.Juli 2013 fand in der Kunstmühle Bad Goisern das alljährliche Kunstmue Festival statt. Heuer wurde sogar das 10-Jahre Jubiläum gefeiert.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kunstmue Festival 2012 in Bad Goisern

Auch heuer war ich wieder am Kunstmue Festival in Bad Goisern am Hallstätter See und zwar vom 20. bis 21.Juli 2012.

Ich habe mit den beiden Veranstaltern Flo und Gasti gesprochen.Das Festival wurde als Live Stream ins Internet übertragen. Flo saß neben einem Techniker im Übertragungswagen. Ich habe ihn dort besucht und ein Interview gemacht.

mit Flo im Übertragungswagen
Das Kunstmue Festival bietet 16 Stunden Musik in 2 Tagen - und das ohne Eintrittspreis oder anders gesagt: gratis, jedoch nicht umsonst. Essen, Trinken, Infrastruktur (von Strom bis WC), Bühne, Zelt inklusive eigenem Bereich für Personen mit eingeschränkter Bewegungsmöglichkeit, PA-Anlage samt Mischpult, Lichtanlage, Livestream-Übertragungseinrichtung und nicht zuletzt Musiker, Betreuer und Helfer - wie finanziert sich das Festival? Dazu habe ich Gasti, den Mitveranstalter von Flo gefragt. Im Wesentlichen von Spenden, Sponsoren und viel Einsatz ohne monetären Lohn. Selbst Bands spielen gratis bzw. zu geringen Kosten. Ich habe mit Gasti gesprochen.

mit Gasti

Die beiden Veranstalter. Knobeln die mit Papier-Schere-Stein? Oder hat er noch 3 Minuten zur Ansage? Oder hat er drei Bier intus?
Mein Quartier war nahe der evangelischen Kirche. Gegen Mittenacht am Samstag, 21.7., war Ende und es bleibt die Erinnerung und die Wehmut, dass es viel zu schnell vorbei gegangen ist. Aber es gibt wahrscheinlich 2013 wieder ein Kunstmue-Festival.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cutting Kunstmue festival films

moderating the clips
Festival film report means: waving arms in the air, bands acting on stage. Can there be new ideas? Hm, I do an intro placing videowalls showing shots from the Kunstmue festival in the scene where I present the upcoming.

Try to put effects on the shots although they had a good light show on stage. A little backstage shot in between makes it more interesting. And I did some good shots at Kunstmue festival. Read here for first impressions.

Gonna put effects in that were not seen at the show, but I want to try to combine report/docu with arts film. The expression or impression counts, what is a silly sentence saying "what counts" with an or. But better controversial than boring.

To get inspirations, hey I don't steal ideas ;-), I was watching Woodstock on DVD before starting cutting.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kunstmue Festival 2011 in Bad Goisern

Saturday, July 23, 2011 at festival Kunstmue I saw great bands playing. It was a rainy day, but never mind. The music was in a big tent. I interviewed organizers Flo and Gasti. This year it was a free event, no entrance fee!

members of the band OFFBEAT MAFIA
who played last year
- and I reported last year
I also took a few shots backstage when musicians spontanously made a a capella sing session. Some evergreens will never die: Steirischer Brauch, Kleine Nachtmusik (Serenade No. 13 - Mozart), Satisfaction, and ... and ... and. Some painted their face. Hey, that was funny!

My tip
musician with TV-producer
Mariam backstage
All in all it was worth to travel from Vienna to Bad Goisern to hear fine rockmusic. I am looking forward next year, because this event is growing. This year the tent was bigger than last year. A must event for Austro music fans.

Later I went off, did not find the way to after show party. So in rainy, dark night I was looking for my hotel. On the street I met Hindoslem also on errantry trip. For we could not ask somebody because noone remembered the name where the after show party takes place. Straying around and around and around in lonesome Bad Goisern.

Interview crasher
Know partycrasher or wedding crasher? When TV producer Ulla Bartel interviewed the organizer of the festival the band Hindoslem crashed into the interview with loud "uhuhuhuhuhuh". Spontanous actionism.

The group's name is a slang word meaning something like "neck slap". They combine Austrian folklore music with ska and rock. They won 1st price at local hero contest and with it a staging slot at Kunstmue festival. Funny rock, must sound very exotic for tourists.

Unfortunately I did not see this local death metal band. Bassguitar player Mike asked me for interview. I did what must be done ;-)

Interview with singer/guitarist Paul from Vienna. That's indie rock, the music I like. The more he said that Rolling Stones are a big influence. I really enjoyed the gig at the festival.

play melodic guitar solos based on a merciless drums and bass fundamental, a remarkable sound. I think this band is on the way up to Austro rock heaven. Where Angels are they play like the devil. Made an interview with them asking about the bandname. They have nothing to do with Hinduism or Islam.
The singer told me that young audience often don't know the old masters like Rolling Stones or Alice Cooper. Not this time. When they played a cover of "Schools out", an Alice Cooper hit from the 70s, the crowd sang along with the band.
Later then backstage the bassplayer asked me for a interview and adulates me ("the famous ViennaCC"). I said what must be said: Hindoslem are on the way up and play great rock - as I wrote above. This simply is my opinion, so go and listen to their music.

Gasmac Gilmore
last band this night. They combine Balkan rhythms with rock. Sounds interesting, is interesting, is musical nonconformism. Listen yourself.

The show is over...
and there was so much work to do for technicians, musicians and organizers.
Drums being removed
things ready for transport