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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

#Musicproduction: Tips For Recording Vocals

Vocals generally is a pretty magical thing on the track. Whether you're adding a lead soloist or a variety of awesome background vocals, you gotta have it right. And recording vocals is just the beginning. Then comes the complex section of selecting and editing the top elements of your various takes together. And this we call vocal comping.
During this how-to guide, I'm going to be sharing eight approaches for perfect vocal comps each time.

Descendants - Nachfahren #punchline #satire #pointe

Descendants - Nachfahren #punchline #satire #pointe

Travel to New York 2019-09-24 to 10-01

Flying from Vienna to NYC / JFK Sept.24.
Short time booking on Sept.19. Only flight VIE > DUS (Düsseldorf), DUS > MUC (München), MUC > JFK (New York)
On the way to airport VIE in Airport bus (Schwedenplatz) I saw, my flight to DUS was cancelled. They booked me to a direct flight to MUC. Ok, no prob. Had 4 hours at airport MUC.
Central Park

Living Legends event: Clint Arthur, Ali Savitch, Coco, Ice-T
see also: http://viennacc.blogspot.com/2019/09/event-living-legends-of-entrepreneurial.html 

Rossevelt Island Tram, from Queensboro Bridge

Another Iron Building

Great Graffitti

Funny police car. So small

At Plaza hotel. Why has bus written EVIL on the front?
Giorgio hotel, Queens. Hostel. 4 men room. Good located at subway F (21 St - Queensbridge). Near Queensboro Bridge. Every morning I go to Cuban restaurant to breakfast and then wlking to Manhatten, 60th, over Queensboro Bridge. Same way back in the evening.
Yet another hotel room at Giorgio hotel: Queens

Washington Square Park, downtown Manhatten

Photographer at Battery Park

Liberty Island

Liberty Island

Liberty Island

Central Park. How to make more out of a every-tourist shot

That's USA: patriotism and homeless
(Central Park)

Strawberry Fields in a moment where no tourists were buzzing around

On Queensboro Bridge

Central Park

Photo shooting in Central Park. Looks like Queen of Hearts in Wonderland

Beatles on Times Square.
Release of 50th anniversary edition album "Abbey Road"
Airport JFK, NYC
Flying back JFK Oct.1 > ZUR overnight, ZUR > VIE Oct.2
Flying to Vienna. Dark weather in the morning in Zurich
(connection flight from NYC to Vienna)