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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

#Musicproduction: After Session Netiquette

It's perfectly natural to cultivate relationships with those you meet on sessions, but make sure you don't ruffle any feathers as part of your noble efforts to make new friends or create more help yourself. You have to get called back for session therefore you want the team you may caused to touch on you to get more work.

#Musicproduction: xoxos releases resyn 2.0 #freedownload

resyn is a free spectral resynthesis WAV sampler. Version 2.0 expands sample memory, analysis and resynthesis parameterization, allowing you to push your CPU for quality results.
Added features include cepstral source separation and independent spectral shifting for the cross modulation file.

#Musicproduction: xoxos releases resyn 2.0 #freedownload

Music Video "Sunny Day" Published

I simply describe a good, a positive feeling on a sunny day.I woke up one morning and after days of rain the sun was shining through  the window, through the curtain. And I crawled up, opened the window and said to myself: "What a day! What a wonderful day! Today I will succeed!". Within minutes I had 50% of the lyrics and an idea for the melody. After coffee and chocolate cake I started recording.
Later I mulled over where the ideas came from. I think the inspiration came from the sun. Thank you. Continue burning, little star. And don't be offended if I put on sun block.

For the music video I asked pretty women to dance and act for me. Shots were taken in Venezuela, Haiti, Ukraine, Canada, USA, France, Philippines and Austria. Thank you, ladies, you look so good! I wish my song would play 25 minutes to show all your poses to all the world. Ladies, you are great. Thank you again.

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Irritating Advert - Irritierende Werbung #punchline #satire #pointe

Irritating Advert - Irritierende Werbung #punchline #satire #pointe