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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Brauerei Nibelungengold in Fürstenfeld besucht.

Brauerei Nibelungengold in Fürstelfeld

Interessante Informationen zum Bierbrauen und Schnapsbrennen und eine Reihe Biere und Schnäpse. Mein Favorit von leider viel zu wenigen gekosteten (bei mehr wäre ich bewußtlos geworden): Spargelbier (gibts wirklich!) und Kernöl-Likör (was sonst in der grünen Steiermark).

Die Wand ist gepflastert mit Urkunden über diverse Auszeichnungen.

Trinken mit Markus Gruber
Mir hats gut gefallen, ein uriges Erlebnis.

#Musicproduction: #FilmProduction: Tips For Music Video Production

The thought of making a music video appeals to most up-and-coming musicians plus the independent labels backing them. However, for that majority, the charge and labor-intensive nature of music video production is a little outside their budget. Furthermore, pressure to succeed to generate something exceptionally noteworthy is intense, given the of your music video medium, that's ultimately a marketing and advertising device around it is a variety of artistic expression. Quite simply, to obtain a worthy return-on-investment for any music video, the music has to be great (a given) plus the video has to be intriguing and unique.
Fortunately for musicians and producers, it is possible to build a reliable music video using a budget. Here's how it can work:

New Hat Purchased

Cold days ahead. My new hat.

Changing, Bob Dylan Still Actual - Veränderung, Bob Dylan immer noch aktuell #punchline #satire #pointe

Changing, Bob Dylan Still Actual - Veränderung, Bob Dylan immer noch aktuell #punchline #satire #pointe

#Photography: Long Exposure Photography

Long exposure photography is surely an art. If you are shooting long exposure photos, the possibilities you have some blur within the shot are greatly increased. Many times, this is a welcomed effect and the intention. That being said, we can occasionally have some less desirable blur inside our long exposures.
Listed here are three quick ways for you to you combat undesirable blurring whilst the blur you want.