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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Message With Your Jokes - Aussage mit deinen Wizen #punchline #satire #pointe

New Shoes Bohemean Style

Women and shoes? What about men? My new shoes. I like it. Bohemean syle. My statement to prejustice.

#Musicproduction: Tips For Starting Your Music Projects

Read some ideas before you start your musical project. Yes, I know, that sounds so simple, so obvious. Easy to write, but hard to realize. Nevertheless hereis food for thought.

#Musicproduction: Practice To Become A Better Songwriter

In a time the place that the commitment of instant gratification seems to get in most aspects individuals lives, it could be tempting to look for technology and branding for strategies to assist us create better music. But the fact is, the one thing that could transform your songwriting is practice. Yes, there's a lot of non-musical work that's involved with sustaining a meaningful career in music, when in involves the sheer art of earning songs outside of nothing, time spent experimenting and honing as part of your craft is the one thing that will assist you get better at whatever you do.