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Thursday, September 6, 2018

#Musicproduction: Subwoofers Needed For Mixing Music?

A skilled engineer can track, mix, and master records with very little - a couple of plug-ins, good converters, you will find, even some headphones. 
A big the sensation of wanting more gear, and to this I'll attest: in recent times, I've expanded my mastering practice, working away at projects for artists like Leland Sundries, Morphous, Pete Mancini, and others. Before I made the selection to get a sub, it had been always more of an guessing game if this reached low-end. Relentless checks on cars, headphones, an individual hi-fi, and much more were required before sending out of final product.

#Musicproduction: It Might Get Loud Productions releases Anarchy Drums for #freedownload (VST/AU/AAX)

Scroll down, there you find the download. You do not find it in the product page.

It Might Get Loud Productions have announced they are giving away their Skate Punk Drum library Anarchy Drums for free. It previously sold for $39.
Anarchy Drums is a virtual drum sample library/instrument that captures the sound of the 1990's California Punk. Just like those classic albums, Anarchy Drums was recorded with a handful of mics at a DIY environment on tape. The idea was to capture nothing but the drums, the room and the preamp. It Might Get Loud Productions left the tweaking to a bare minimum so you could tweak more, or not tweak at all. Relive the golden days of never-ending skate parks with Anarchy Drums.

#Musicproduction: It Might Get Loud Productions releases Anarchy Drums for #freedownload (VST/AU/AAX)

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