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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

When Goal-Orinted Sex ? - Wann zielorientierten Sex ? #punchline #satire #pointe

#Musicproduction: Mastering Tips

EQing The Master

Much like any master bus processing, it's more often than not simpler to be subtle. Although many of us don't have use of the EQ3 with its Air Band, we are able to use subtle boosts in the 10-20 kHz range on our EQ plug-ins to incorporate a bit of overall brightness. But go easy, that you don't want to create it harsh.

As it pertains to low-end problems, you're better off addressing them on the individual track level, rather than trying to repair them on the master bus EQ. Remember, it's processing the whole mix, so when you might achieve a reduced amount of the bass level by cutting in the low- frequency range, you're planning to impact all the instruments and voices. You're better off EQing the individual tracks which are causing the bass issues.

#Photoshop: Understand Curves

Learn all about the very powerful Curves adjustment! | We will cover all the basics of Curves, using Curves to adjust color and white balance, and how to actually know what you’re doing when it comes to using Curves in Photoshop.
In this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll break down the Curves adjustment for you and whether you’re beginner or advanced at using this adjustment, there is surely something new to learn here.

#Photoshop: Understand Curves