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Friday, May 18, 2018

How Students Wrote A Song About Parkland School Massacre

Sawyer Garrity sat at the breakfast table three days after a former student shot up her high school. She was too upset to consume her bagel. Confused, angry, aching with grief. She knew she wanted to complete something to help everyone get through this. She texted furiously with her classmate Andrea Peña, who felt the same.

Andrea played around with a few chords on a keyboard in her dining room. “This may be something,” she thought. Could they write a song? She texted Sawyer a riff in a speech memo.

Bank Robbery Movie - Bankraubfilm #punchline #satire #pointe

#Photography: Composition Checklist for Beginners

At a recent meetup with several photographers, during a discussion on composition, one of the beginners commented: “Why isn’t there a composition checklist for all the things we need to think about?”…

#Photography: Composition Checklist for Beginners