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Thursday, April 26, 2018

#Photography: International Artist Feature: Thailand

Interesting works. Look and get inspired.

Today we're catching up with five incredible artists from Thailand, home of amazing food, royal palaces, and the people of Southeast Asia. I asked each artist how their country and culture inspired their work, and they delivered great responses.

#Photography: International Artist Feature: Thailand

Twitter Changed Communication - Twitter hat die Kommunikation verändert #punchline #satire #pointe

9 Tips For Mastering Your Own Mixes

One of the first rules of music production has been to never to master your own mixes. But some rules are meant to be broken: Learn how to polish off your finished mixes without losing your perspective.

9 Tips for Mastering Your Own Mixes

The common wisdom of the pro audio world has always been that you should never master your own mixes. The reasons are plentiful, but the most important one was that mastering was a completely different profession from that of the mix engineer. In other words, give your finished mix to a professional who has made their career practicing the art of mastering, and you will reap the rewards of their experience. This was, of course, the era of big recording budgets. A lot has changed…

#Photography: Focus on Photographing a Different Color Each Day to Practice the Art of Seeing

Color is all around us. As beautiful as black and white can be, color gives us variety and sometimes, unpredictability. But funnily enough, it’s also easy to take it for granted. Over time, I’ve come…

#Photography: Focus on Photographing a Different Color Each Day to Practice the Art of Seeing