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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Deal With Social Media - Mit Social Media umgehen

Social Media: Mankind will have to learn how to deal with this new media. Like 1930 (Hitler suddenly was in every living room via Volksempfaenger) or printing (Martin Luther would not have become famous without printing). Populism, fake news, nervy cat photos, fake profiles,... some people do not figure that out and delete their profile, meaning they give up. Mankind will need generations.

Example for satire blog: https://insiderdossier.blogspot.co.at/

Social Media: Die Menschheit wird lernen auch mit diesem Medium umzugehen. So wie mit Radio (1930 war plötzlich Hitler in jedem Wohnzimmer) oder Buchdruck (Luther wäre ohne Druck nicht berühmt geworden). Populismus, Fake-News, nervige Katzenfotos, Fake-Profile,... ,manche durchschauen das noch nicht und löschen ihr Profil, geben also entnervt auf. Da brauchts halt Generationen.

Beispiel für einen Satire-log: https://pressebericht.blogspot.co.at/

#Musicproduction: HY-Plugins releases synthie HY-Mono(Win/Mac) VST #freedownload

  • added pan control to delay output
  • added drive
  • added limiter
  • added randomize/clear button
  • new gui
This version doesn’t have backward compatibility,so if you read old presets, it might sound different

#Musicproduction: HY-Plugins releases synthie HY-Mono(Win/Mac) VST #freedownload

Know Which Way The Wind Blows - Wissen, woher der Wind weht #punchline #satire #pointe

Politicians should wear the logos of their sponsors like athletes. So everybody would see which lobbies they are obliged to.
Interesting link: Insider Dossier ;-)
Politiker sollten wie Sportler die Logos ihrer Sponsoren am Anzug tragen, damit man weiß, welchen Lobbies sie verpflichtet sind.
Interessanter Link: Pressebericht ;-)

Song of the day: Peace

#Photoshop: How to Create a Rock Blast Effect Action in Adobe Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to turn your ordinary photos into energetic, rock blast photos. I will try to explain everything in so much detail that everyone can do it, even those who have jus…

#Photoshop: How to Create a Rock Blast Effect Action in Adobe Photoshop