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Thursday, August 3, 2017

#Musicproduction: [BEN/SCHULZ] releases "Spectrum" - Free Spectrum Analyser Plugin #freedownload

Plugin Developer BEN/SCHULZ has released a free multichannel spectrum analyser named Spectrum.
The spectra can be displayed in realtime or as a spectrogram and supports all the features one would expect from an audio spectrum analyser.
The free version features up to four channels. An upgrade to sixteen channels is available as well.
Spectrum supports VST2, VST3, AU and Pro Tools (AAX) on 32/64-bit Mac and Windows DAWs.

#Musicproduction: [BEN/SCHULZ] releases "Spectrum" - Free Spectrum Analyser Plugin #freedownload

Departure - Return from Miami to Vienna

2017-08-03 Departure
Around 10h30 left the hotel. No stress. The flight to Vienna with intermediate stop in Berlin / Tegel was booked for 3h55pm, but was delayed to 4h15pm. No stress.

Oh, man, Berlin / Tegel airport has a real 50s flair. Wooden steps and unpracticable organization. Although I only had a transfer, I had to check out and then check in again.

2017-08-03 Abreise
Gegen 10h30 das Hotel verlassen. Kein Stress. Der Flug nach Wien mit Zwischenstop in Berlin / Tegel war für 15h55 gebucht, wurde aber verschoben auf 16h15. Kein Stress.

Oh, Mann, Flughafen Berlin / Tegel hat echtes 50er-Jahre Flair. Holzstiegen und unpraktikable Organisation. Obwohl ich nur einen Transfer hatte, mußte ich auschecken und dann wieder einchecken.

Out of the Heart - Aus dem Herzen #punchline #satire #pointe

Music comes from the heart. Sometimes I think the guy must have a heartache.
Musik kommt von Herzen. Manchmal denk ich mir, der Typ muß Herzschmerzen haben.

#Photography: How to Use Grids for Various Portrait Lighting Setups

Looking to switch things up a bit in your studio shots? As photographerMark Wallace demonstrates, one of the easiest ways to do so is to bring in some grid light modifiers: Before getting very far,…

#Photography: How to Use Grids for Various Portrait Lighting Setups