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Saturday, July 22, 2017

#Photography: Photo Composition Guidelines

The rule of thirds and its variation, the phi grid, aren’t designed to be rigid. As a photographer, it’s your prerogative to know when to break these rules. If you choose to use these structures, h…

#Photography: Photo Composition Guidelines

Caribbean Cruise

In the morning by train TriRail from Miami to Lauderdale. In Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale going on board the Carnival Splendor.

Drop off at 4pm, afterwards two days at sea. Food, food, food. Breakfast starts at 6am, until 10pm you can eat in the restaurants. The whole day there is a buffet. And if you are hungry in the night, you can order at the 24h pizza service. The fattest people have the biggest dishes. In the evening I go to the shows in the Spectacular Theater. Impressive. Amis can entertain, they really can.

Morgens mit der Eisenbahn TriRail von Miami nach fort Lauderdale gefahren. In Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale an Bord der Carnival Splendor gegangen.

Ablegen um 16h, danach zwei Tage auf See. Unsagbare Fressorgien. Frühstück beginnt um 6am, bis 10pm kann man in den Restaurants essen. Den ganzen Tag ist irgendwo mindestens ein Buffet geöffnet. Und hat man in der Nacht Hunger, kann man beim 24h Pizza Service bestellen. Die fettesten Leute haben die größten Teller.

Am Abend gehe ich in die Shows im Spectacular Theatre. Beeindruckend. Unterhalten können die Amis.

For Eyes and Ears - Für Aug und Ohr #punchline #satire #pointe

Painting is melody for the eye; music is colors for the ear.
Malen ist Melodie für das Auge, Musik sind Farben für das Ohr.

#Photography: Polarizer Filters: What They Are & When They Can Be Used in Photography

There are few more important things that a nature photographer can do to improve his or her photography than becoming familiar with the use of the polarizing filter. What can a polarizing filter do…

#Photography: Polarizer Filters: What They Are & When They Can Be Used in Photography