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Friday, December 4, 2015

#Musicproduction: UplandToys updates Midular Max for Live MIDI Effects Modules to v1.3 (#free download)

Lifeless simple download page

Sensational new car feature - Sensationell neue Funktion im Auto

A car that shuts down the motor automatically at a crossing is not an innovation. My first automobile (in the last millenium) did that.

Ein Auto, das den Motor bei der Ampel abstellt, soll eine neue Errungenschaft sein? Das hat mein erstes Auto im letzten Jahrtausend auch schon gemacht.

#Musicproduction: Human Touch Technology releases "Sika Oriental Scale" - #Free library for Kontakt

Human Touch Technology has released Sika Oriental Scale, a collection of free oriental instruments with a basic rhythm arranger.

#Musicproduction: Human Touch Technology releases "Sika Oriental Scale" - #Free library for Kontakt

Song of the day: Completely mystified...

Song of the day: Completely mystified, No signs of causation http://www.vienna.cc/kunst/songs/song_what_happened_here.htm

#Photoshop: A little compositing inspiration

In case you didn’t read last weeks post about PixelSquid, I thought I would entice you with a little composite I put together today. Everything is from PixelSquid except for the background. It is so easy to bring things in and manipulate them into place when you add the PixelSquid plug-in into Photoshop. Couple of things to know about the plug-in… anything that you check to add to Photoshop will load into the Windows>Extension>PixelSquid library and hold up to one hundred objects in the Library at a time. Any new objects past one hundred picked will ...

#Photoshop: A little compositing inspiration