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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

iPhone helps losing weight...

iPhone helps losing weight. Always purchase the newest model and you have no money for food.

#Music production: Odo Synths releases Dream 64 Chip Synth v3.0 for Windows VST (#Free)

Oh, good old C64 feeling.

Odo Synths has announced the release of version 3.0 of Dream 64, the free Chip Synth VST instrument plug-in for Windows.
Dream 64 is not an SID emulator, but it's a plug-in that can recreate sounds that are used in chip-music. It's inspired by the SID chip from the old but good Commodore c64 but with some extra features for fun.

#Music production: Odo Synths releases Dream 64 Chip Synth v3.0 for Windows VST (#Free)

Labour Day in Washington DC

On Labour Day (May 1) so many people are in museums. In this capitalist country they celebrate the Labour Day like Socialdemocrats in Europe. Interesting headline on this Labour Day in a local paper: "Are Unions obsolete?"

Capitalist America...

Published Video For Band "Rockefeller Junior"

The music video shows a street musician played by Thomas Gartler, a band member of the Vienna based rock band "Rockefeller Junior". He walks to the location, inspects the location, brings amplifier, box, guitar and connects all together. After finishing he wants to start playing, but someone disturbs him. Before the musician is able to start performing on the street the song is over.
You wait for the performance, but

Musikvideo für "Rockefeller Junior" produziert

Habe ein Musikvideo zum Song “Love Is Only For The Anxious” der wiener Band “Rockefeller Junior” produziert.

Für die Band ist die Videoproduktion mit keinen Kosten verbunden, ich trage alle Kosten.
Ich suche nach förderungswürdigen Talenten. Wenn mir die Musik gefällt, dann produziere ich ein Musikvideo mit der Band und manchmal ein Interview. Aus Spass an der Freud. Es muss