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Monday, April 7, 2014

#photography: shooting airplane cockpit

Before entering the plane I took a shot of the cockpit. The problem was that the cockpit is very dark, the buildings in the background are very light. Moving gamma or changing brightness would either make the cockpit too dark or the buildings too light. So I used the HDR function in photoshop. Then I cut out the cockpit and increased brightness and saturation. The ground seems to colourful through the cokpit window, but I think if looking through an airoplane front window can change colours. That's acceptable.

Went to a #mobile phone shop...

Went to a mobile phone shop. The sales man explained what I can do with that thing: email, internet, apps, weather, traffic, games, calender, address book. I went off. He did not say, what I only needed: simple phoning.

I entered another shop. The sales man explained that you can phone where ever you are and every time you are reachable. I went off. Every time reachable? Sounds like a threat. I don't want this. That's stress!