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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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The Path of an Outdoor Photographer – PictureCorrect

picturecorrect.com - For Tim Kemple, becoming an outdoor photographer was a natural transition into adulthood. He grew up in the mountainside, spending his free days exploring with his family and friends. Upon graduati...

The Difference Between Incident and Spot Meters – PictureCorrect

picturecorrect.com - Hand-held light meters may seem like old technology compared to our modern-day DSLRs, but they are still widely used by many photographers and most cinematographers. Light meters give an accurate r...

Save Time with Batch Exposure Blending

digital-photography-school.com - Do you ever shoot a bunch of exposure-bracketed shots and then never get around to blending them together? Maybe you don’t shoot multiple exposures in the first place because you don’t want to spen...

Say Goodbye To Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe Moves To The Cloud)

digital-photography-school.com - Unless you haven’t been on your computer at all in the last 24-48 hours, you have probably heard by now that Adobe announced an end to their Creative Suite of products and will now be moving to a s...

DEAL: Save 30% off Phil Steele’s Headshots and Portraits Course

digital-photography-school.com - Each day we send out a quick email to thousands of DPS readers to notify them of updates. This email is just short excerpt of the first few lines of our latest post with a link if you want to read ...

How To Create a Fun And Dynamic Animation – Shapes Part

ae.tutsplus.com - In this tutorial we will learn how to animate dynamic shapes using different methods with solids and shapes layers. Tomorrow we will then learn how to color all of the parts using Color Rules savin...

Making Complex Selections (Part 1)

psd.tutsplus.com - Have you ever had to make a very complex selection and didn’t know where to begin? In this tutorial, we will show you to to combine vector and pixel masks to help you make a complex selection of a ...

How to Style Titles of Print and Online Publications

dailywritingtips.com - The rules for formatting titles of compositions and their constituent parts may seem complicated, but they follow a fairly straightforward set of guidelines, outlined below. Capitalization Titles o...

Creating an Awesome 3D Cloud Fly Through Scene With Horizon
How To Create a Fun And Dynamic Animation
Charts and graphs in After Effects by Rich Young
Video Tutorial: Paint Drips in After Effects
#Musicproduction: Tips for Sound Recording With Reverb And Delay (My Personel Tips)
The Ultimate Vocal Recording Tutorial
Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros (learn from pros)
When Did Social Media Lose Its Way? [INFOGRAPHIC] (did loose what?)

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for):

Even the best specialists have their limits.
Sometimes I sit and wait for a song idea. And nothing happens. Then I start to do something else (like cooking) and boing here is an idea.
The world's most expensive-ever guitar plectrums cost $5,000 AUS a pair. 2007 Starpics was made from meteors - 4 billion years old.
We live in a decimal world, but why do we have 12 tones in the scale?
SEO, CEO, SBO,… every office needs a CCCO - Coffee Cup Cleaning Officer