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Friday, April 19, 2013

Top Links 20130419

#AfterEffects: How To Amazingly Open After Effects and Excellently Create a New Awesome Null in After Effects Like a Rock Star

#Guitar: Improve your chord knowledge with Inversions

#Photography: Quick Tips for Great Photography Compositions
#Photography: How to Use a Sun Bouncer or Reflector for Action Sports Photography 
#Photography: A Simple Exercise on Working with Natural Light in Portraits
#Photography: Quick Tip: 5 Tips for Perfect White Balance

#Photoshop: 30 Fresh And Free Stone Textures (Stone not Rolling)
#Photoshop: Create a Magma Hot Text Effect
#Photoshop: Make a Photorealistic Electric Guitar (i prefer to play, not to draw a guitar)
#Photoshop: Watch This Artist Create Stunning Illustrations in Photoshop (slim boy on trash)
#Photoshop: Creating the Elegant Photo Manipulation ‘Out of Reach’
#Photoshop: Sneak Peek: Coloring a Beauty Sketch in Photoshop
#Photoshop: Tutorial: Beautiful Painting for a Cat Watching a Mermaid (Mermaid: You don't get me!)
#Photoshop: How to Work With Selections More Efficiently
#Photoshop: How To Create a Military Style Emblem Logo Design (what if i am no hero)
#Photoshop: Tip - Create A Halftone Effect
#Photoshop: For Beginners: 6 techniques to extract anything from its background (wanna extract a 100$ banknote)
#Photoshop: Creating a Colorful Vector Based Photo Manipulation
#Photoshop: Creating Figures from the Clouds
#Photoshop: Musicphotographer.eu - The importance of removing distractions
#Photoshop: Quick Tutorial for Perfectly Toning a Picture
#Photoshop: Difference between Raster Image and Vector Image (i know, but won't tell ya)
#Photoshop: Make a Colorful Retro-themed Space Scene (Scotty, beam me up)
#Photoshop: How to Sharpen Photo without Increasing Noise Visibility (i work silently, there is no noise)
#Photoshop: Graffiti Art Effects
#Photoshop: Time and Patience is the key (dont have it! dont have it!)
#Photoshop: How to Control Motion Blur in After Effects

#SocialMedia: 10 Social Media Time Management Tips for Small Business - Forbes
#SocialMedia: 3 Social Media Marketing Skills That Will Never Go Out Of Style

#Writing: Take Nothing for Granted

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for):

Maybe this is all unreal and sleep is the real world

Jelly? Bah, i don't like that sticky thing. Is like a jellyfish on the tongue.

I prefer sakko and trousers before suits. So I can combine as I want.

There are so many ideas, but too less men to make a project.