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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today's Top Links 20130115

 #AfterEffects: Quick Tip – Creating an App Walkthrough in After Effects
#AfterEffects: Ease and Wizz : An After Effects palette for smoother easing (download of expressions is not free, but you can set the price)
#AfterEffects: Generate Your Own Splendid Spirographical Designs

#Filmproduction: spotPoint: Free Lighting Plugin for FCPX
#Filmproduction: Professional Video Editing & Finishing Forums
#Filmproduction: How to Make a B Movie (Even Ronald Reagan played in B-movies)
#Filmproduction: How to Make a Horror Film: 12 steps (do you have good scream sounds?)
#Filmproduction: Inspiration! 15 of the Very Best iPhone Videos
#Filmproduction: 10 Premiere Pro Tips for FCP Editors

Why It's Time To Get Excited About Guitar Music Again (i never was unexcited)
#Guitar: Chord Theory Inversions
Drop D - Basic Scales And Exercises
#Guitar: Recording With Audacity Or Not (record or not to record, that's the question…)
#Guitar: A Lesson on How to Play Guitar Scales
#Guitar: Beginner Guitar: How to Play Basic Minor Chords
What are Barre Chords? (some say barre chords are outch finger chords)
#Guitar: #tips Streatching yours fingers
Free Guitar Chords and Guitar Chord Charts
The Difference Between Acoustic Guitars and Electric Guitars (i woulds say: they sound different)
How to Play E String Based Guitar Chords
G7 to D7- How One Note Can Make All the Difference
Voice Leading

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for):

Why to make the same mistake again when there are so many more other?