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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Use Your Press Release as a Means of Targeting Customers

Most business use a business plan as a means of targeting customers and developing a strategic system of making contact with customers and presenting their business. Business plans also offer a means of reaching customers and showcasing your product. Although they are frequently used by businesses, press releases can be just as effectively used as a means of targeting customers by businesses who want to make a significant impact within their target markets. Businesses very often first establish a relationship with the customer through emailing, mass postal mailings, direct contact and phone marketing. Then, after a first response relationship has been established, they will continue to deluge them with their product and service offerings and pitch to them through these means.

Although there are various tools that can be used to contact customers, a very powerful and effective tool used for targeting customers is by using the press release. The press release offers succinct company information, news on the company, the latest developments and changes within the company's leadership. Although most businesses do not think of press releases as being a targeted marketing strategy tool, if properly used, it can be quite effective as a means of targeting customers.

Once you have determined for your business what and who it is that you want to reach in any marketing campaign, you must then decide what the message is that you want to convey to that particular niche market. Again, here is the time to customize your message and make it fit the target customers that you are trying to reach. A generic pitch will not suffice since press releases are specifically about a particular topic, event, person or development. In addition, since press releases are usually customized campaign tools, your company should take great care to be sure to also customize any appeals and/or contacts that you have with target customer's while offering them your services. In other words, change things around so they do not all look the same. Customers do not want to read the same press release numerous times on different sites. Strategically change the wording or the flow of the press release to give a feeling of fresh, custom content. If your target customers are of a certain genre or have a particular lifestyle or personality, you can amend or personalize your press release to appeal to that sect of customers. Within the press release, it is essential to target the niche market's particular appeals. Determining your niche audience and your customer base are essential in planning how to target customers for your business.

Where do your press releases appear? Are they strategically planted in locales and places where they will receive the maximum exposure or are they selectively chosen to appear in certain places at certain times to a certain sect of individuals? Whatever the means of targeting customers is used by a business, the use of a press release in any instance is sure to garner the customers that fit your business mold and synchronize with your niche market.


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