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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Filming band Facelift at Chelsea / Vienna

Thursday, 2012-10-04, the Austrian band Facelift had a gig at Chelsea / Vienna. They asked me to come to make videoshots for a musicvideo. So I filmed the gig.

The location: Chelsea

With Andrea Orso from band Facelift

With Andrea Orso from band Facelift

I already knew this band. I made an interview and musicvideo before for Austrian tv channel OKTO.
...quite some time ago ...

6 Smart Tips for Writing Press Releases

Finish with the headline: The headline of a press release will often determine if the reader even bothers to keep reading. A simple trick to create a headline that is engaging and on topic is too work backwards, write the story first and then decide on an appropriate headline. 
1. Include a photo: 
If you choose to add pictures to your press release, they should be high quality. A blurry image is not going to get a press release picked up by a major news source, consider the services of a professional photographer for better results. 
2. Send it to the right person: 
No matter the method of sending a press release make sure it is addressed to the right person. If sending a press release by mail it should be sent to a specific editor. The method of sending will also determine if photos can be added, a faxed press release would not have a professional image quality and would likely be rejected. Web sites run by newspapers, magazines and trade periodicals often offer contact information on where press releases should be sent. If no information is given, simply calling the publication and asking can make sure your press release does not go straight to the trash. 
3. Follow up: 
After sending a press release wait an adequate amount of time before following up. If your press release has gotten no attention, do not be afraid to send a follow up email to find out why your press release was not used. When sending by email or fax you may discover your original press release never made it too its final destination, in other instances you can receive valuable information about what you can do next time to get a better response from your press release. 
4. Make sure a press release is needed: 
Before sending a press release, review what the current goal or aim is. Though press releases are great for promoting events, announcing awards, mergers and providing information they are not always the best way of getting out information about your business. The key of press release is to tell a story not to function as a free advertising method and press releases written in this manner are likely to be ignored. 
5. Know where the press release should be sent: 
Though your press release may be perfectly formatted and contain great information in national magazine it just might not be relevant. Local news sources on the other hands may find your press release is relevant to local interest. Trade publications that are specific to your business should also be considered. Review the magazines your business currently subscribes too as well as free publications you receive for options on where to send press releases. 
6. Add an angle: 
If your press release is just presenting thee facts it may not get much attention but a press release that pulls an emotional cord by appealing to current news, showing conflict or controversy could. An example of a controversial press release is an alcohol company that releases a press release advocating drinking for those under 18. By using an emotional subject that millions of individuals have an opinion on they know their press release is more likely to be read and commented on. 
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