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Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to Make Your Press Release Interesting

Press releases often have a reputation of being dry, boring and sometimes to technical for the average reader to appreciate. While some press releases do contain statistical and technical data that can often hamper its entertainment value, the actual press release itself does not have to be boring nor does it have to be without personality.
To make your press release interesting, first consider the audience that your press release will be reaching. Consider the audience that your marketing surveys and research are targeted towards and work your press releases from that angle. 
For instance, does your company manufacture children's toys or books? To make a press release interesting for this particular instance, you can change the font size of the typed release to make it more playful and fun. You can also play with the colors and style of the release to appeal to a more fun-spirited audience. As with the aesthetics of a press release, work within the confines that are given by the particular media that is making the submission. In the actual content of the press release, be sure to offer the places where the product (in this case, the children's books) can be found and emphasize that the product is for kids. Perhaps discuss how long the company has been in the children's services industry and maybe even share a personal story or two from key personnel within the company who have had a direct role in steering the company towards marketing the companies product. When you appeal to the entertainment value that is within a product or service, you stand a better chance of gaining and keeping the attention of the audience. You also stand the chance to solidify your companies name in the minds of the customers.
Why should a press release be interesting? After all, isn't the job of a press release to share information, make announcements and focus on key leaders within the company? Sure it is, but often, if the press release only list those things in a non-interesting and non-engaging format, your press release does not stand a chance of being circulated and shared among other companies and their representatives. Your press release should also be interesting and engaging to create a buzz among readers and to plant your product name or service in their minds. Since the point and focus of a press release is to bring attention to a company, the last thing that you want your press release to do is to be boring and forgetful.
In cases where seriousness is warranted in a press release and is ideal, it can still be interesting by employing other tactics that will engage the reader. Perhaps after the press release has shared its pertinent company information and made its announcement, it should then share information about upcoming company events to celebrate the announcement or about individuals within the company who will be spearheading or supervising upcoming events. Give the reader more than just a simple announcement to take away from the press release. Offer them something that will make them want to follow the company and see what the next event(s) might be.

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