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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Edelbrand Records Prognight


The event took place at RHIZ / Vienna on 2012-07-05. Three bands performed.


Selfdefinition: Cinématique is a Post-Rock band from Vienna, Austria. It consists of
  • Alex Mallory (vocals, guitar)
  • Nico Sieder (drums)
  • David Jäcle (guitar)
  • Melanie Ebietoma (bass)
The band plays spherical sound with keyboard&samples added from a laptop. Long songs, partly widely instrumental. Musical impressionism. On a screen videos with real and abstract scenes were shown during the performance. Therefor I called them "Indie Floyd" meaning that the performance reminds me on Pink Floyd, a psychedelic band that started in the 60s.

Guitarists changed guitars and Alex also played with a violin bow. Alex told that the band started 2008 and in this formation the play since about one year.