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Monday, July 2, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120702

#AfterEffects: Adobe After Effects Effects Tutorial
#AfterEffects: After Effects Templates (3 free, the rest for sale)
#AfterEffects: DIY - Create Your Own White Box
#AfterEffects: mocha Pro v3 Tutorial: Difficult 3D Camera Solves — Imagineer Systems
#AfterEffects: What You See is What You Get. | No shoots today. Editing in the AC

#Guitar: Listen to the guitar on 09-"Baby Give Me One More Chance" (shrill guitar in this #musicproduction)
#Guitar: Guitar Flatpick Solo for Lost Indian (Fiddlin’ Mike plays this bluegrass classic and shows you how to learn it yourself!)
#Guitar: 9 Ukulele Chords You Should Know (if you are new to ukelele…)

#Summer: Here is the music for #sunshine - "Going Out For Summer" (music preview here)
#Summer: Computer Dialog Box Street Art by Jilly Ballistic

#MusicProduction: Native Instruments Massive and CPU overload
#MusicProduction: Bassnectar Lights Bass Synth Tutorial for NI Massive

#Photography: Photographing Los Angeles Architecture with Moby (shoot LA with the musician Moby)

#Photoshop: Understanding the Inner Glow Setting in Photoshop
#Photoshop: How to Create a Surreal Double Exposure Portrait Using Photoshop (girl with green in her hair, but black&white)
#Photoshop: Camo Pattern Generator (Special-Effects-And-Textures)
#Photoshop: Create bright abstract diagonal lines background in Photoshop CS5
#Photoshop: How To Install Custom Photoshop Brushes.
#Photoshop: create a 360° panorama in photoshop elements
#Photoshop: bring a washed out effect to your photos in photoshop
#Photoshop: Romantic Sunset Vector
#Photoshop: Create a Scenic Sun Rise in Photoshop
#Photoshop: 18 Photoshop Art Tutorial – For Creating Beautiful Art at DzineBlog.com - Design Blog & Inspiration
#Photoshop: Dracorubio Workshops - Dracorubio, Photographic Art
#Photoshop: 25 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating that Perfect Web Page Design
#Photoshop: Concept art tutorial drawing Medusa
#Photoshop: create a 360° panorama in photoshop elements
#Photoshop: Photoshop Tutorial- Creating a Background Blur
#Photoshop: orton effect: try this quick, soft-focus photoshop trick
#Photoshop: How To Remove Red Eye | photoshop-tutorial.org (Don't do it on Albino lions)
#Photoshop: design a sexy, enticing poster advert in Photoshop

#SocialMedia: ViDEO: Questions, the Other Side of Social Media -- from SalesChaosTV

#Writing: Are Names of Sports Teams and Bands Singular, or Plural?

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Loving is like breathing. It is not a choice, it is a need.

Once upon a time … there was no twitter and people could not retweet anything. It was a time of no 140chars-flood, a time of mailboxes and real communication. Yes, people were talking to each other from face to face. Can you imagine?

Don't ask me the same question if you don't want to hear the usual answer.

you cannot plan brainstorming like "gonna meet in one hour to do something unplanned". so songwriting is always unconventional, unplanable.

Companies should hire lazy people for the hardest jobs, because they will find the easiest way to do it.

Ladies spend hours with finding the right clothes, but all I want is to see them nude.

I created a new word, a short form for people tweeting trash: tweediot. How about that? Hmmm, ok, more fun than sense…

The burst of life is life potential, isn't it.