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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Making love - Photoshop work

Making of LOVE

First I need 4 pictures of poses showing the letters E, L, O and V. I did the shot in he basement in my house. Then I went over it with the puppet tool to improve the letters shown. For example I made the L with a little more hard corner. I put the pictures together in one layer. This will be the front layer.

I copy the front layer four times and delete 3 letters so that I have one letter in each new layer. Why didn't I take the original 4 pictures with seperated letters? Because they I have made changes with the puppet tool.

Now I do the lighteffect on these layers with a plugin called "LUCE".

For the background I take hearts. I set opacity to 39%.

To avoid blank background, what will be shown as white in a jpeg, I get another colourful background. It's only to fill the blank pixels.

That's it.
Here are the layers. Mentaion that all blank pixels are filled with white with the export from photoshop.