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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120510

Show A Motion Path With The StroMotion Effect

GIMP Updates with a New Interface, Layer Groups, and More

The boat that Hendrix's guitar help build

Paul McCartney breaks out rarities for rehearsal, soundcheck in Guadalajara

#Music production:
The Basic Functions of Harmony
The sound and music design of the interactive play Cotrone
Macro Control panel in NI Massive. What are KTR, VEL, TrR, AT ?
How To Make A Fat Saw Wave Monophonic Lead In NI Massive
Understanding NI Massive: The Stepper
Sound Design Lecture - Social Sound Design

Highspeed flash photography - tutorial with splashes, flashes and a tank
How to Document a City with Time-lapse Photography – PictureCorrect
Gray Photography - Tips & Tricks (this is a blog)
Tips From a Pro: Improve Your Shots by Getting Closer
Digital Photography Basics TV: Digital Photography Tutorials for Beginners - Examples Why to Never Use Auto ISO
Build a DSLR Shoulder Rig
How to Color Calibrate Your Monitor for Photo Editing
Super Moon Photography: How to Shoot the Moon (not only for werewolfs)
Quick Tip: No More Blur
Wildlife Photography Tip-Side Lighting
Pro Tip: Minimum Shutter Speed in Photography When Shooting Handheld
How to Remove Blemishes: Portrait Retouching – PictureCorrect
Is phoneography the future of photography?
21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Couples
Instantly Become More Photogenic By Tilting Your Head Forward no more doublechin!
Tip—How to Protect Your Valuable Picture Files with Online Cloud Storage
Instagram and its Impact on the World of Photography
Back Button Autofocus: Why You Need to Learn It
How to clean a camera lens
A Simple Lighting Technique for Couples Portraits
Make the sky work for you! A tip to improve your landscape photography...
useful photography tip #22: take a moment to think things through
useful photography tip # 21: how to shoot environmental portraits
12 Ways To Never Miss A Photo Opportunity
5 Tips for Creating a Workflow for Speed Portrait Shoots
How to Get Your Camera Back When You Lose It
Product photography tip: The fast and easy way to clean dust.
Photography Tip : Using Lines
Useful Photography Tip #24: Hacking the Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible
Useful Photography Tip #23: Quick Reminders For Better Eye Care

Create Abstract Layered Text with Decorative Lighting Effect in Photoshop
Create Video Game Cover Art in PS
Quick Tip: Cross Processing With Photoshop
Quick Tip: Simple Portrait Photography Tricks
Top Tip for sharpening | Photoshop Daily
Top Tip for fading layer masks in Photoshop
"Quick Tip" - "CS 6? But, I just got used to CS 5!"
Photoshop Tip: Locking Transparent Pixels
Tip: Select secondary tools with Shift
Quick Tip: Using Kuler to work with color groups in Photoshop
Tutorials TV: 1000s of Free Photoshop Video Tutorials
Quick Tip: Color Your Artwork Using Actions in Photoshop
Our little cartoonish family at a strawberry field. Dodge and Burn Technique.
Grungy Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes
25+ Designs of Movie Posters - Photoshop Tutorials
Free Download: Arrow Photoshop Brushes
90 Seriously Disturbing Photographs Mixed With Illustration

#Social #Media:
The Truth About Facebook Advertising
Why being useful is the start of good social media storytelling
How To Turn Audiences Into Activists: 5 Lessons in Social Engagement from Participant Media

Courtesy Titles and Honorifics

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Had salmon BBQ with white wine. Summer is bbq time. Just like winter i think.
Waitress: "Shall I cut the spareribs?" Me: "Yes, but let it look like an accident!"
A man's brain is located between the legs? And what is between my ears? Sawdust? Oh, that's why it rustles when I shake my head.
I am thinking what will be the first song to feature/publish on the radio. Thank god I have only indierock, no love balads.
I once want to make a quick oneshot video: totally drunk playing guitar hanging on a radio mast. Only coz nobody did this before.
Sometimes have too many ideas. Write this, record that, pc work. Finally I complete nothing :-( But thrown away papers are full creativity.
I never know what day we have. Why should I? It changes daily.
If pain is history then hope, and only hope, is out future