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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120428

Resizing Heads using Multiple Shots in After Effects
#AfterEffects #Trapcode Form - Exploding image with letters : Adobe After Effects basics
How to Resize Actors Head in After Effects
Build a Planetary Scene inside After Effects
Adobe After Effects CS5 & CS5.5 * Writing expressions for source text
19 Free After Effects Plugins
50 Excellent Adobe After Effects Tutorials
Project Files - Walk and Text
Fractal Noise 3D
New Fractal 3D Noise for After Effects Creates 3D Noise that Interacts with Cameras & Lights
Visual effects, motion graphics software
Making of Filmofon intro by Jan Míka
#3d #animation #adobe #AfterEffects #tutorial...
NAB 2012: Adobe AfterEffects CS6 New Features
After Effects CS6 New Create Shapes from Vector Layers
Build a Planetary Scene inside After Effects

Adult Guitar Lessons
Free Guitar Lessons TV: 1000s of Free Guitar Lessons Online - Beginner Guitar Lessons

The Musiconomy - The Importance Of Music
RealTraps - Tune Your Room

#Music production:
10 Cures For A Songwriting Slump
Music Mixing Process 4- Effects |
Using Envelopes to manipulate sound
How to Make the Ryan Enzed Porter Robinson Remix Bassline
Emulate an 808 kick drum with Massive
How To Make Epic Electronic Beats
Space Cake Dubstep Bass Tutorial for NI Massive
Massive Dubstep – Nebulla Womp (60 sounds for Massive)
Brainworx release bx_saturator – M/S multiband saturation tool
How good is your knowledge of acoustics, and how does this affect your sound design?
Turntable Scratching Effect With NI Massive

How To Make Your Own Portable Studio Lighting Rig –
Creating an Image of Impact.
New York Time-lapse Photography (Wow!)
Are You Practicing these 5 Natural Lighting Tips?

How To Create a Grainy Abstract Lines Poster Design
Learn How to Create A Night Effect in Photoshop
X-ray Animation in Photoshop. Create a Cool Animated GIF. Simulate a Cool App.
How To Convert Text Into Clouds
Depth of Field in Portrait Photography – PictureCorrect
Design a Retro Postcard with 3D Text
Video tutorial: Create a vintage toy camera look in Photoshop
Tutorial: Understanding Curves | Nature Notes
How to create your own photoshop action(s) by *lieveheersbeestje on deviantART
50 Best Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials
100 Best Photoshop Tutorials of All Time that Yield Professional Results
Surreal and Conceptual Photo Manipulations
What Is Lens Diffraction And When Does Diffraction Happen?
Creating Windows Phone 7 Application and Marketplace Icons
15 + Enjoy Free Photoshop Abstract Brushes
Creative Dad Takes Crazy Photos Of Daughters
Pure an Energetic Photomanipulation | Photo Editing
35 Basic Tutorials to Get You Started with Photoshop
Beautiful Oil Painting Effect in Photoshop With Pixel Bender
How to change a photo into a pencil line drawing in Photoshop
40 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials for Textures and Backgrounds
Create a Medieval Battle Axe in Photoshop
200+ Free and High Quality Smoke Brushes For Photoshop
20 CV Templates pack, great freebie
How to improve the lighting of a photo in Photoshop
Resources for Learning Photoshop
Give your Photoshop illustrations a retro look and feel
A Photoshop HDR Workflow Example
Photoshop Tutorial: Find Edges filter
Extract Objects With Quick Selection Tool. | photoshop
How to Create Dark Face Cracks Portrait in Photoshop
How To Create a Grainy Abstract Lines Poster Design
Before & After {A Photoshop Editing Tutorial}

#Social #Media:
Where Is the Future of Social Media Marketing? [Research] | ClickZ
How social media changes the function of journalism

10 Tacky Terms
Write How You Write, Not How You Speak

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Back in Vienna from Hollywood. Cooking a steak to remember USA.
If you loose your sense of humour you are forlorn.
Still have jetlag. I feel soooo tired, my head is a stone. Did not really sleep in the plane from USA to Europe.