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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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Creating a Rotating Counter in After Effects
Aftereffects Intro 3 Second Long
Resizing Heads using Multiple Shots in After Effects
Set Render Queue Time Spans in After Effects with Render Queue Time Span Changer Script
Map Your Destination in AE
19 Free After Effects Plugins
Gabriel On The Road: After Effects resizing vectors for optimus swf export

What are Guitar Scales and how do I Use Them?
Here Comes the Sun (fingerstyle guitar) - The Beatles Video
Gibson History Guide | Learn Guitar

#Music production:
Massive Dubstep – Nebulla Womp (60 sounds for Massive)
The Ultimate MIDI Mapping Site for Digital DJs
NI Massive Tutorial from Marco Scherer – White Noise Fx
How Music Royalties Work
Knowledge Bank Series: Recreating a WEEP Synth
How to Make a Noisia Style Reese Bass in NI Massive
50 Drum & Bass Sounds For NI Massive
10 Free NI Massive Bass Presets – Neuro Bass Hive. Perfect for Dubstep
Houdini (Foster The People) Synth Tutorial for NI Massive
Scheduling sound edit/dubbing for TV animation
Control Massive on Ipad with MoDrum
What do I need to setup a 5.1 system?
Glass Cracking. - Social Sound Design

Travel Tip : Traveling With Pelican Cases » Dan Carr Photography
Persnickety Prints - Photography Tip: Manual Mode
Add Stunning Photo Filters Instantly! – Tekzilla Daily Tip
Create Purpose-Specific Albums For Your Photo Notes
Top 10 Dos and Don'ts for Great Portraits!
Use Belts to Fit a Shoot Through Umbrella To a Flash
Tip: Minimum Shutter Speed in Photography When Shooting Handheld
Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s
Taking Great Product Photos That Help Your Items Sell!
Relationship Between Shutter Speed and Focal Length
Tip : Using Lines
One flash, three studio lighting styles with Gavin Hoey
Breaking Photography Rules: by Scott Wyden Kivowitz ::
Keep a Polarizer Filter Handy
Are you an Unethical Photographer? 3 Things to Avoid
Digital Photo - Ten Long-Exposure Photography Tips—09/13/10
Turn your 2D designs into 3D product shots
3 Reasons You Should Give Up Your Dreams Of Being A Photographer | Virtual Photography Studio
Portrait Photography Tips: The Eyes
How To Create Fake Lightening In Photoshop - HD Video Tutorial
7 Killer Portrait Posing Tips (by Dustin Olsen)
Photo Tip: Using Natural Light
Red, White, & Blue - Photography
Teip: How To Photograph Concerts
Lighting Info, The Eyes Have It – Photography Tip
Newborn Photography Business Tip – Search Engine Optimization – Part 1
How to Save a Mixed Lighting Shot in Post-Production
Photography Tricks That Can Work For AnyoneDigital Cameras Tips and Guide!
Seven Sunrise-Landscape Tips
Photo tip number 1: The aperture
Get Your Reflection Out Of The Picture
Tip: Prime and Zoom Lenses Explained
It does matter if it’s black and white
The fast and easy way to clean dust.
Tip: Patience & Persistence
The ND grad filter: choosing and using it
Tips For Night Photography
How I Photograph Most Products Here On The Phoblographer
5 Different Portrait Lighting Positions
What Shutter Priority Mode Can Teach You About Your Camera
How to photograph food–and make the viewer’s stomach growl
Do You Wear a Camera?
10 Things Alex Webb Can Teach You About Street Photography
How To Find the Perfect F-Stop
Tip #16: Keep a Polarizer Filter Handy
A Simple Exercise to help You Learn to See Light
Flash Photography Tips And Tricks
Create Digital Tintype Photos
Conceptual photography & digital artwork by Martin Stranka | The D

Free vector about half tone vector pattern
Creating Halftone Pattern effect in Photoshop and Illustrator for Vectors Tutorial
Studio Lighting in Photography – PictureCorrect
Quick Tip: Light Effect Text Button
How to scan directly into Photoshop in a Snap!
Using Masks To Create a Cutout Effect : Shutterstock
Using Non-Linear History in Photoshop
Tip: Metal Plate with Text Engraving
tip – easy effect for more punch to your images «
Create Digital Tintype Photos | Psdtuts+
How to Create a Glossy Button Vector in Photo shop
Easy Starburst Diffusion Filter Effect in Photoshop
Tip - Orange County Portrait Photographers
Create a Cinematic “Sergeant America” Text Effect
Exporting Layered Files to Photoshop
Making Part of a Photo Transparent in Photoshop
Photo Tip: Partitioning Effects in Photoshop Layers
How to Create a Rusty Texture in Photoshop
Tip of the Week: How to Use Actions
Use Photoshop Touch To Make Instagram-Like Effects The Hard Way [How-To]
How To Make Skin Appear Softened
Making Colored Ball Icons in Photoshop
Beginner Tip 4: Hotkeys
Tip #2 3D Effect
Tip #1 – Gloss Effect
Quick Tip: Create a Dragan Style Portrait Effect in 5 Steps
Speed Up Your Workflow With Photoshop Actions
Visually Choose Fonts in Photoshop or Elements
Quick Tip: Create Digital Tint…
Easier Parallel Lines in Photoshop
Design a Nice Abstract Background for an Image
tip: Using layer comps to easily present your PSD files -
Tip: Episode 19 – Portrait Effects
Tip: Change Work Area Background
Tip: Controlling high contrast in Adobe Camera RAW
Tip: Clone Source Window
Tip: Redoing Levels
Create a Cool Photo Treatment Using Channels In Photoshop
50 Free High Quality PSDs
50 Excellent Adobe After Effects Tutorials

#Social #Media:
Age, Not Gender, Drives Most Social Media Use : MarketingProfs Article

11 Steps To Speed Up Your Wordpress Site

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