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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flight back home

Flighing at 7:50pm from LAX (Los Angeles) to LHR (London Heathrow).

In the morning packing things together, then walking along in Hollywood and doing some photoshots. Wheather is cool, cloudy and windy. 17-19C. Then with Metro to airport.
Hollywood Bvd - no real police officer, but sexy
Zorro at Kodak center - sometimes heros need a break (and phone)

Delay at London / Heathrow. Heathrow always is a stress desaster. Running to bus to get me from terminal 1 to terminal 3. Running to check-in. Running to gate B28. Then sitting and waiting - flight has 40min delay.

Arriving at 8pm in Vienna.

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WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Power nap? What is this? Power or nap. Power nap sounds like a musical silence. But excuse me for now. Uaaaaah bzzzzzz
ASCAP Expo was very interesting. Getting informed about new hard- and software for musicproduction. Look for videos.
Talking about is one thing, doing another. Something You can do, but should avoid to say it. Take the f-word as example.
Once I want to have a cake battle in Hollywood because that's the oldest gag in movies.
No songidea since 5(!) days. I am on a ceative cold turkey, man.
Rapper on Hollywood Bvd: "man §@&$ (ununderstandable) luv @$%# sound..." I: "Great! Ok, where is the hidden camera?"
Today I go for a steak. Whenever I am in the USA I take a steak the American way. It's a must-event for me.
Are you prepared for whatever comes? Be surprised for what you are not prepared!
Heard 5.1 surround sound. Great - if you have a room like in the hotel Renaissance where the ASCAP Expo takes place.
You do not hear music, you got to feel it.