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Monday, April 23, 2012

Museum and shopping

Visited Hollywood Museum on North Highland. Hollywood movie reminiscences on 4 floors for 15$. Mae West, Marylin Monroe, Cary Grant, George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and all other great names are part of this exhibition. Clothes, scenes, tools and hundreds of photos of the actors, producers, directors and other Hollywood movie involved. A big story is Max factor who invented so many cosmetic products to make the Hollywood stars look better. He built up a cosmetic empire, but was kidnapped. A few weeks after coming free he died. Tragic story - stuff for a Hollywood movie.
Hollywood Museum - Marilyn Monroe room

Visited also Hollywood Heritage museum not far, also on North Highland. Last year it was closed when I came there. This time I looked up the website in the morning. The house was originally located on Santa Monica Blvd and was moved to present location to save the building. Looked first successful Hollywood movie "The Squaw man" by Cecil B. DeMille made for $16k finally grossed over $200k nationwide.

Hoolywood Heritage Museum

Then moving to the Hollywood Bowl with the shell on stage. A remarkable place where the Beatles played on 23 August 1964 and 30 August 1965.

Later shopping on Hollywood Bvd. New shoes in a Outlet shop I always visit when in Hollywood.

Shopping in Melrose Ave. I know the Russian born shopmaid from last year. Puchased shirt, jeans and jackets.

Getting flavour cigars. We don't have that in Austria. A few pieces to remember Hollywood later when smoking in Vienna.

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WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Good people give you positive moments, bad people give you experiences. The world is not perfect…
Where light is there is a shadow. Put the light high up to keep the shadow small.
Not easy to find fruits in supermarket. Don't Californians eat fruits? Grand Central Market in LA: shoot colourful photos - and get fruits.