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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120422

BG Renderer (a script to build a render queue)
Converting Frame Rates : Adobe After Effects Tutorial
After Effects Project Files - 3D Charts
Design Rhythmic Motion Typography in After Effects
Wiggle Visualizer - After Effects CS3 | Useful things | Presets
How to Apply & Work With a 3D Environment Layer in After Effects CS6
Quick Tip – Using A Delay Expression
AfterEffects Tutorial 3 - Computer Applications David An
top 5 easy adobe after effects expressions
Kinetic Text Expressions for AE

#Movie #Film:
Starlight Inception Music by World of WarCraft Composer - David Arkenstone | Soundtrack

8 reasons why your guitar won’t stay in tune

#Music production:
The Making Of Ultimate Destruction HD Sound Effects Library
How to write a hit: hooks
How to sell and tell music stories
What Dolby's New Tech Means to You, Practically Speaking. – Dolby Laboratories
15 Free Patches For NI Massive
How to make some Nero Basses in NI Massive (let's burn Rome)
Philip Moross: The Toughest Job in the Movie Biz: Writing the Original Song
Sound design for ‘Inception’ : Creating the sounds of dreams
Home Recording for the Classical Guitarist
Customizing CineBrass
User-Friendly Modular Synthesis - Circle Soft Synth Update + Mike Huckaby Preset Pack
Trap Beat Secrets - Kick & Bass Like Lex Luger

Brushing Up On Photoshop's Brush Tool
Create a Cool Photo Treatment Using Channels In Photoshop
23 Awesome Photos That Look Like They’re Photoshopped But Are Not
Learn how to blend two photos together | photoshop
17 Fresh & Free PS Brushes and Textures
Eliminate the red eyes picture sore
Two Simple Techniques To Help You Master the Pen Tool
How to Improve Picture Quality in Photoshop
Paint Hair, Cloth and Jewelry in Photoshop 2002
Let It Snow With Photoshop (even now in april)
Straighten A Crooked Photograph | photoshop
Graphics & Digital Designers eTips
RedGage Free Foto Fix Faerie
Moving Your Objects
How to Draw an Ultra Clean Apple Keyboard with Photoshop
How To Get Sharper Images
Creattica Redesign: Spectacular Photoshop Magic and Freebies
Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers by Infinite Skills
6 Main Ways on How to Make a Selection in Photoshop
New Liquify Performance and Usability Enhancements in Photoshop CS6
Colour enhancement – before and after
Tool Reveals How Much Celebs & Models Are Photoshopped
Obviously Photoshopped Fashion Photos That Make The Models Look Like Circus Freaks
Create Your Own Color Hubble Images
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tips and Tricks v1 Apk For Android OS

#Social #Media:
8 Hot Media Trends You Need to Know
5 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Today – Social Media, Social Marketing, SEO and SEM Blog
What it Takes to be a Social Media Strategist - Fan Mail Response | Online-Communities

Discrepancy vs. Disparity

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Harsh words, but true is better than "nice" or "ok". If a guitar solo is shit I say "shit". Because the audience is absolutely merciless..
Stress: In NYC people dig in junk food, then rush back to job. In LA people are not under pressure that much. People in LA are more relaxed.