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Thursday, April 19, 2012

ASCAP Expo - Hollywood

2012 04 19 - 22:
At the Renaissance hotel / Hollywood at ASCAP Expo. Speeches and product demonstrations from 9am to 5pm. Had breakfast at 7am and starting the day with looking at ASCAP schedule to mark events I will visit. There events all through the day. So I have a banana with me. In the evening I fall into the hotel room putting a meal in the microwave.

On the last day I spoke a message to ASCAP into video camera. It was a short interview and I ended with the words: "It's not the first time here at ASCAP Expo in Hollywood. But to say it with Arnie's words, who is from the same country like me, I'LL BE BACK!"

Ex-governator ("I'll be back") is the running gag for me. Some Americans don't know our country, some mix it up with Australia (hey, we have Mozart, they have the kangaroos), but all know Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I met producers, musicians and other creatives.

Selection of interesting contacts:

with charming Lady Tasz

Maor - mastering engineer http://maorappelbaum.com/

Judy - CosmoCoalition http://www.cosmocoalition.org/

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WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)
Hollywood: earthquake while i was in metro! waggon destroyed. Here no wounded, only screams. Then moved to next show in Universal Studios. :-)