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Monday, April 16, 2012

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WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)On the way to Hollywood. If I have a contract? Oh, yes, with British Airways ;-)
Hollywood, here I come (again)! Hotel one block from Chinese theatre. Credit card with me - let it glow, let it glow, let it glow

2012 04 16 Flight to Hollywood

Flight with British Airways from Vienna / Schwechat (VIE) to London Heathrow (LHR). 3 hours later (good time to walk around and look at planes starting and landing at this big airport) from London to Los angeles (LAX). Arriving at 7:10 pm after 11 hours flight. Boring immigrant procedure at the US airport. It seems to me that the officer is bored from that monotone job and so he starts a little conversation saying that all great musicians came from our country Austria. And that he knows Falco, who is not among us anymore. I only said " great, that you know". Well, to stand in a queue or to wait for luggage makes no difference. But after 10 fingerprints and a photo we have to stand in a queue again with luggage for officer checking the immigrant declaration formular with passport. I don't understand why this cannot be done in one run. 1.5 hours after landing I left the airport.

Going with the bus GREEN LINE what was written in lilac letters on the bus display at the busstop blue zone from airport to metro, green line. Changing green line at Imperial / Wilmington to blue line going to 7th Street / Metro center. Then with red line to Hollywood Highland, one stop after the Vine, the station with the original film cameras. It was dark outside when I wen with metro through suburban area. Obviously there a re only companies located and at that time noody is working. So I saw only dark biuldings, a dark area. Feeling alone in the dark. In between there were light spots. Drive Ins or McDonalds. Not really an area I want to live.

When arriving in Hollywood the stations are so different to the blue line stations. Not simple platforms and a little wire fence. the red line stations are designed, with installations or even artworks on the wall (and I don't mean graffitti).

on Hollywood Bvd
In the hotel, one block from Chinese theatre, I found out that I forgot my travel guide book. But no problem. It's not the first time here in Hollywood, so I find my way.

The plug adapter - european socket, US plug - is too big or my notebook plug. I had that prob last year. Now I remember, but too late. It was not easy to find an adapter in Hollywood. But last year I purchased one for big money, it was so expensive. I forgot about. But with the help of the hotel where I lend pliers I fixed it. Now I have electricity for my notebook and the batteries of photo- and videocamera.

About 70 tv channels, but no MTV, no CNN and only 2(!) channels with films in english. More non-english channels, spanish and "asian" where I cannot different chinese from japanese or corean. Shopping channels - we also have that in Europe. And tv-preachers - we don't have that at home. Ok, ABC and NBC are tv trade marks I know and trust. Interesting that there are quite many old black&white movies on screen, not only on MeTV, a station specialized on old tv films, recycling past productions. I saw Laurel&Hardy, TheUntouchables, and also I Dream of Jeannie, Simon Templar, Rockford,...