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Friday, March 30, 2012

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Audio Stems To Radio Waves
Is there a way of getting Merged Clips into After Effects?
Adobe Tutorial: Visual effects
Bi-Coastal User Group Presentations
Expression Timeline (allows you to apply several expressions to a property for a certain period of time)
External Tip – 12 Tutorials and Instructions For After Effects
After Effects CS5 Tutorials: Apprentice Series | Basic Animation
After Effects Portal: Kinetic Text Expressions for AE

Why Music Competitions Aren’t a Waste of Time

Making a Layered Digital Didgeridoo in NI Massive with OhmLab – Part 8 (of 10)
Free Yawn Sound Effect | Free Sound Effects
Sound very distorted - Social Sound Design

guitar accessories: Gear One My First Acoustic Guitar Accessory Pack

CAGED Chords | Guitar Music Theory

Controlling Color, Exposure and Blurriness in Photography
How to Take That Fancy DSLR Camera Off “Auto” and Photograph Your Life like a Pro
9 Architectural Photography Tips
Tools You Need to Clean Your Camera
A Rough Guide to Image Resolution
27 Black and White Landscape Images
Tip: How to Use Your Camera’s Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB) Function

Create a Photo-Realistic Broken Egg from Scratch - Photoshop Tutorial
Photoshop Tutorial: Create a retro page in Photoshop
Photoshop Tip: Edit in the CMYK Color Mode
Another Reminder that Photography is Not About The Gear
Photoshop Quick Tip: Creating Depth of Field Using the Lens Blur Filter
Enhancing Textures Using Photoshop
Create a Cool Photo Treatment Using Channels In Photoshop
A Comprehensive Introduction to Photoshop Selection Techniques
Tutorial - Introduction to the Text Tool
Another 30 Examples of Commercial Photoshop Disasters
Realistic Fire Effect - Photoshop Tutorials
25 Flowers Photoshop Custom Shapes
Playing with Photoshop: Glows | Photoshop YouTube
50+ Excellent Body Enhancement Photoshop Tutorials

E-Mail Still the Most Popular Digital Communication Platform :: PR News
How to restore your suspended Google plus account? –
The True Value of Social Media Data
How to engage journalists on social media
Is Social Media More Important than Traditional Media?
Social Media and Libel | Social Media Today
What Should Go Into a Social Media Policy? | i

7 Military Ranks Common in Popular Culture

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