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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120317


Beautiful And Crazy Cyklop Street Paintings


Learn How To Play Acoustic Guitar

Springsteen gives SXSW fans lesson in making music - Teach Yourself Guitar

Guitar Lessons – Basic Gypsy Rumba Guitar Strum – pt. 1 (sign up and get 7 days free edu)

#Music production:

Remixing Via Colored Pads: NI Reveals New Kontrol F1 DJ Hardware and Remix Decks


How Do I Remove Sensor Dust From a Photo?

Variations adjustment will correct colour and brightness (how Variations is laid out and what it all means)

Building Your Photog “Tweet” Cred * CurrentPhotographer.com

Understanding Aperture (blur or not to blur)

Photography Tutorials for March 16th 2012 - Mark Raymond Mason Fine Art Photography

Portrait Photography Tips ** How to Compose an Engaging Composition

Image Keywording Tips - Tip #105 Facial Details

Image Keywording Tips - Tip #59 Haliaeetus leucocephalus (that's an eagle - i did not know too)

25 logos with hidden messages (take ideas for band logo)

12 Tips For Capturing Better Waterfall Shots (flowing water is always complicated to shoot)

Art & Design Inspiration Fix for March 16th 2012


Quickly Select Images – Cut Out Detailed Images in Photoshop

Making a Silk Fabric Effect in Photoshop

Create a Realistic Credit Card in Photoshop (not for shopping, but for a picture)

Quick Tip: Masking Hair in Photoshop CS5 (lady's, lion's or horse's)

Tip: Creating Rounded Corners in Photoshop

Advanced Black and White in Photoshop

Create a Transparent Text Effect with Fresh Grass Texture and Custom Brushset - PSD Vault

10 Free Photoshop Text Effect Packs

Shadows/Highlights: a Hidden Photoshop Smart Filter

Using Non-Linear History in Photoshop

How to Draw a Realistic Samsung Galaxy S2 - Photoshop Tutorial

#Tips & #Tricks: Faded Memories

25 Photoshop Tutorials Released in February 2012 (review collection)

Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners (everybody starts as picture rookie)

The PS Blending Modes

30 Vintage Photoshop Tutorials

Using Photoshop, Photographer Creates Mind-Boggling Buildings - DesignTAXI.com

Photoshop Basics: How to set up Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Semi-Realistic MacBook Pro from Scratch

40 Photoshop Illustration Tutorials

#Social #Media:

3 Social Media Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Rookie

10 Tips for Improved Security while using Social Media

Become a Social Media Star (We are all digital marketers now. Follow these 5 rules to make sure you're keeping up)

Social Media Engagement for Older Professionals

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

John Barry has great arrangements. He worked with orchestra, so sounds were limited. Today I have synthesizers to create any possible sound.

When love is gone, there aint no sunshine anymore. Sounds poetic, sounds hackneyed. But it's true.