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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Golden Ratio | Hypoly Motion and Design

Music Theory for the Bass – Lesson’s 3 & 4 » Bass Ramblings

Who wins the race for investment money, the artist with the epic song or the software developer with the snazzy iPhone app?
Wabi Sabi Sound
(Cool video profile about the work of the guys at Wabi Sabi Sound)
making voice overs sounding cartoonish? - Social Sound Design
Transformers sound design - Social Sound Design
Can Social Music Save the Music Industry?

Use Your Car as a Photography Blind to Get Close to Wildlife
Do You Make These Catastrophic Mistakes in Family Photography?
Photoshop Tip: Lightroom Versus Photoshop with Mark Wallace
Useful Photography Tip #11: Use Belts to Fit a Shoot Through Umbrella To a Flash
Image Keywording Tips - Tip #105 Facial Details
Add a macro lens to your smartphone with a …. (low cost solution!)
Image Keywording Tips - Tip #110 Hair Color and Style

How To Create a Dirty Typographic Blackletter Design
Create a Scenic Landscape Composition in Photoshop
Basic image corrections #1: Straighten & Perspective Crop
3D Masking and Animation in PS CS5
Text Chiselled in Stone with Photoshop
How to Create Metallic Business Card in Photoshop
Web design in Photoshop | Banner Design | Graphic Design | Logo Design | Photoshop
HDR Workflow Example by Richard Harrington
Creating Cartoon Characters (produce your own comics?)
Digital Dreams, Abstract Eyes in Blue...
Working With Swatches in Photoshop (he does not mean swiss handwatches)
Massive Collection of Photo Editing Tutorials and Photoshop Actions
100 Creative Photoshop Text Effects Tutorials
Heart Clipart Gallery | Get Hundred of Beautiful and Stunning Heart Cliparts
(if you lost your heart to someone…)
Filmpan - Presets for Photoshop by Color Grade ItColor Grade It
9 Fresh Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials around the web …
300+ resources of free psd
PS Tutorial: Create A Vintage Photo Effect.

What Men and Women Really Want, According to Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]
I’m on social media…now what? Creating a content strategy.... - Eventbrite
Tweeting For A Better World - TheNonProfitTimes


WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Sometimes a melody simply happens. Grab it and make more out of it. Or leave it and forget it.