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Monday, March 12, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120312

Acoustic Guitar One: Ideal Acoustic Guitar For Newcomers

Guitar neck Pressure: Methods to Relieve Get and Guitar neck Pressure

Music Theory for Guitarists: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask (Guitar Method) by Tom Kolb - EbookNetworking.net

Chord Exploring for Guitarists discount coupon - buy, download

The Global Songwriter Shell Game: Why The Major Music Companies Are Getting Your Royalties

Quick Tip: The Real Secret to Avoiding Noise

HDR Finishing : We’re Not Done Yet

Retouching techniques in Photoshop - Photoshop - 3D-Sphere 3DsMax Tutorials

Digital-Tutors Top Tip: Working with Adjustment Layers in Photoshop

Tip Cus Fashion Photography

Enhance Your Photos Quickly With 105+ Free Photoshop Actions

50+ FREE Killer LOGO Designs (u dont need 50 logos)

Free Killer Brochure Design Templates [PSD and EPS ]

Andi Warhol-Style Pop-Art Effect with Photoshop Elements

How to Create Light Switch in Photoshop
(with a click to the switch…)

PS-CS5: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks

How To Create a Cool Photo Treatment Using Channels In Photoshop

Learn Photoshop Retouch Basics

Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners (and interested designers)

The Pain Free Tattoo (and no cancer from chemicals in colours!)

Tutorial for Beginners: Using the Pen tool

60 Quite Useful Photoshop Actions to Enhance your Photos for Free

40+ Breathtaking Tilt-Shifting Photographs

Create Your Custom Twitter Background
(i have a customized backgroud on twitter too: http://www.twitter.com/viennacc)

25 Time Saving PS Actions For Enhancing Photopictures

Our top tips for restoring old photos - by J.Simis

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet (PDF)

The Power of Connectivity in social media

Can social media tell you how pretty you are?

What teens are really saying about cyberbullying

Social Media: Quality or Quantity?

The Art of Conversation and Social Media

The Effects of Social Media in Education: Twitter 101

Evidence Shows that Social Media Tools Affect our Ability to Concentrate.

Study: With the right photo, your Facebook text profile hardly matters

Pedagogical roles for video in online learning

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Great Beatles-songs sung as blues (!). Give it an ear. So strange http://soundcloud.com/harrisongs40