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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120311


Red Giant - RGTV - Getting Started
(great software, i also use it - and do NOT cash for this advert)


guitar patches - Скачать одним файлом
(for my russian friends: привет из Вены)
Crazy: Turn your pc into a guitar amp and fuddle heavy metal with headphones
(for practice only, i would not use it in a band)

#Music production:

Ideas for Sounddesign: Deprivation & Barriers - Part 2

Visualizing Loudness: How To Be a Smart Sound Consumer


Give Yourself Assignments And Get Out There!

Mind Blowing Photo Manipulations of Asile

The Best (and Easiest) iPhone Photography Tip – Joby Blog


Create Realistic Shoelaces From Scratch in Photoshop

Photoshop: Beer Text (St. Patrick’s Day)

Enhance your photo: Photoshop workshop - Eventbrite

A Before And After Of The Photoshop Involved In Magazine Covers

Free download: Slab concrete buttons

Creating a Custom Brush in Photoshop : Shutterstock

5 Easy Steps to Optimize Your Images in Photoshop

Free Fractal Hearts Brushes for Photoshop | The best Adobe Photoshop plugin collections

Free Kaleidoscope Brushes for Photoshop | The best Adobe Photoshop plugin collections

#Social #Media:

New YouTube Changes: This Week in Social Media

HOW TO: Turn Slacktivists into Activists with Social Media
(lovely panda photo)

A Case Study in Social Media Demographics
(ups, they don't mean me, do they)

Why Some Of The Dumbest People Have Huge Followings On Social Media, And The Brilliant Ones Don't

The good, bad and ugly of social media

7 Reasons to Embrace Social Media

Multimedia Web Marketing to Enhance Social Media Management

The Top 10 Reasons to Use Social Media

5 Tips for Using Humor in Your Social Media Activities | Social Media Examiner | Marketing in English with Tuyo Isaza
(my tip: watch out for cultural differencies)

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

For a new sound idea I write down the parameters and a description in pictures like "sunrise with fuzz" or "rockgit in coalmine".

Life is a mosaic of memories. Sometimes it is a unsolveable multi million pieces jigsaw puzzle.

Today's Top Links 20120310

#AfterEffects:Cinema 4D R13 Physical Renderer to After Effects Workflow
Cigar Box Guitar - a piezo electric pickup in my cigar box guitar
#Music production:
Essential Hip Hop Rhythms
Timbaland & Madonna Claps
How to shoot concert photos (not easy!)
#Photoshop:Laurie McCanna's complete list of Photoshop tutorials
21 Advanced Photoshop Tips, Tricks and Tutorials Roundup
#Social #Media:Beginners Guide on How to Video Blog on a Budget – Part Two
Lisa Ladrido's Top 7 Favorite Tools
3 Twitter Tools You Can Use to Improve Your Social Media Platform Online
WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)E-Mail etiquette: I like it without salutation and without signature. I saw e-mails with 20 or more signatures. Nobody looks through that.
On TV I prefer scetches&comedy and spy&crime. How that fits together? Take "Top Secret" with Val Kilmer.