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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120218

#AfterEffects:How to make particles stay on the ground #AfterEffects : Adobe After Effects basics
After Effects Tutorial --– 3D floating titles, Fringe-style (2/2)
Neues Austausch-Plug-in für C4D und Adobe After Effects | software3D
(free plugin C4D and AE)
Form a Unique Transition
(be creative)
#Graphics:How to Create The American Flag in Illustrator
(stand up and salut when finished)
(the big wonder)
#Photo - what an riff
#Music:Should You Change Your Band Name? #legal : The New Rockstar Philosophy
#Musicproduction:Recording Your First Song – Add Some Interest
Nero Style Bassline in NI Massive
(burn, Romeo, burn!)
#Photography:Walking Across America: Time-lapse Project – PictureCorrect
(well, it's along way to go, long way to go)
HDR Photo Tutorial – PictureCorrect
(once again: HDR is great)
Turn Back The Clock (photo effect)
Creating Digital Light Leaks
24 Beautiful Dawn Images
(get inspired…)
Photography Tip - Getting the Smile
Photographer's tip: How to add framing to your photos
33 Spectacular Road Pictures for your Inspiration
Blackbirds (and a useful tip)
The Power of Selective Framing « Photofocus
Tip—4 Reasons You Should Learn the Basics in the Auto Mode
Tip—Go Low with Your Camera to Create Highly Unique Images, Part 2
#Photoshop:Quick Tip: How to quickly create clean and sharp dividers in Photoshop
Enhancing Your Portraits with Textures
(elephant skin on an old lady, haha)
PS Quick Tip - Picking colors outside of the application with eyedropper
Black and White conversion from HDR
Optimizing Images to Reduce Load Times
Blurry edges with the Rectangle Tool
Photoshop Puppet Warp Cool Tip: Straighten
(male soldiers stand stall)
How to Create Mosaic Effect on the Wall in Photoshop
Filtering a Video Clip with Photoshop Extended
How to improve the lighting of a photo in Photoshop
(and: use RAW)
How to Record a Photoshop Action
( with makro)
Interesting PS Tuts Released During The Winter
Fun Ultrasound Photoshop Ideas | Ordinary Parent
Photoshop Disasters: Subway: Fast Food Fizzle
(what to avoid)
(to learn from)
(a warning)
#Writing:Existent vs. Extant
WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)Clothes make the man. So take off your clothes to know what you really are. And now: Are you what you want to be?
And here a shoutout to Google: Here I am, that's what I do, that's what I look like. Tracked it? Ok, now let be private *LOGOFF*
If I could fly like an angel I would come to be with you. Golden glow in your hair, a painting by the evening sun. And sometimes hazy dreams come true.
Actually recording a song about something so simple, about words of love. Like the Beatles would sound today. How to make a song out of that? Simple let it flow…