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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120204

#Photography:Photography Tips for Icy Streams, Rain, Icicles and Snowflakes – PictureCorrect
Mastering Panning – Photographing Moving Subjects
Photography Tip ~ Never Stand Still
Photography Tip | Add Interest to Your Shot by Trying Something New
A Fifteen Minute Exercise To Improve Your Photography
White Balancing Your Camera (Part 1)
Photographing a Winter Wonderland
I'm a monster, I surprise!, thefrogman:Photography Tip — White Balance If...about white balance
Lens Selection for website photos
Shooting Water
Superb Examples Of Photos Taken By Professionals
The advantages of photography as a hobby - by Caryna St. John
Image Keywording Tips - Tip #116 Keywords vs Caption vs Description pt V
Image Keywording Tips - Tip #67 Know Your Search Engine: Apostrophes
Photo Tip-Controlling Perspective With A Very Wide Angle Lens
How to Create Repetition in Photography
#Photoshop:Create a "Transfarmers" Text Effect in Photoshop
Quick Tip: Using Kuler to work with color groups in Photoshop
Why You Should Check All Your Layers Before Saving For Web
PSDTuts : Quick Tip: Create a “Transfarmers” Text Effect Using Layer Styles in Photoshop - inBlogs Ad-Free Aggregator
Photoshop Quick Tip: Create a Lomo Effect in 3 Simple Steps
20 Free Swirls Photoshop Brushes
30 Photoshop Tutorials That Will Rock Your Work
26 Photoshop Tutorials on How to Make Icons
New Free to Download Photoshop Grunge Brushes
15 Extremely Cool Photoshop CS5 Tutorials
How to Make Photoshop Actions [TIME SAVER]
How to improve the lighting of a photo in Photoshop
Developing a Workflow in Photoshop
30 Easy Photoshop Tutorials You Can Try Today
20 Awesome Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials
How to Design A Magazine Cover in Photoshop(why not cd-cover?)
How to create Abstract Colorful Valentine's Day Card with Beautiful shiny hearts in Photoshop CS5
#AfterEffects:Projector for Creating After Effects Project Folders Gets an Update
Adobe After Effects Tutorial : Simple Intro.
#After Effects Anchor point changes when Duplicate layer. : Adobe After Effects basics
Mettle - FreeForm Pro - Free Project Files for use with FreeForm Pro
Creating an Old VHS Look in After Effectshere my "old film"
How To Make A Wiggling Cord From Particles
#Graphics:Quick Tip: Basic Page Numbering with InDesign CS5
Create a Lomo Effect in 3 Simple Steps
Free Video Tutorial – Apple Aperture Time Saving Tip « Photofocus
#Musicproduction:How to Make Arpeggiated Lead Sounds in Logic
NI Massive Preset Series: Creating a Pulsating Evolving Space Bass
Arranging an NI Massive Exclusive Song with OhmLab – Part 10 (of 10)
#Guitar:How To Make A Cigar Box Guitar(hey, I play guitar and smoke cigar!)
Adult Guitar Lessons
#Musician: @az_interview - Get interviewed online
 @az_interview - ein Interview online geben
#Writing:A Quiz on Treatment of 75 Compound Words
#SocialMedia:Twitter Is Harder To Resist Than Sex, Study Finds(oh tempora, oh mores - i dont believe it)
10 simple tips and ticks to improve your Facebook timeline experience
Rant – Is Social Media Worth It For Musicians?
How To Use Your Social Media for Social Good
Women Of the Revolution and Social Media
20 Social Media Blogs You Should Read in 2012
Why should you care about Social Media?
10 Simple Ways To Improve Engagement On Social Media
How to Regularly Post to Your Facebook Page (Without Annoying the $#!* Out of Your Fans) – Constant Contact Blogs
5 Tips for Mastering Social Media
9 Tips for Integrating Social Media on Your Website
20 Clever Ideas to Help Promote Your Social Media Presence
How To Connect On Social Media (#1 Tip from @RickiLake) | Ann
Six social media to-dos for a Crisis |
7 common social media mistakes (and how to fix them)
20 free tools to evaluate social media