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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last day Midem

Today rain in Cannes. No public transport, no busses in Cannes. Woman in tourism-bureaux said: "because it is raining, possible we have snow". I could not believe what I heard. Is Cannes a third-world-village?

Well, after the last word was spoken, all giveaways given away and beamers are turned off I made a Midem-roundup for me.

Some people I spoke to at Midem:
  • Jack Rubinacci, singer/songwriter from Norway. He handed me a CD and info.
  • Prince Kestamg, musician from Cameroon (wow, what a long way to Midem). When we were shot for the photo he took out his sunglasses. My cynical comment: All for the image!
    Prince Kestamg
  • Daniele Bartels, Napster director, Fankfurt / Germany
  • Charles J Tan, musician working in Singapore and Australia
  • Mayka Mei, Social media expert from San Francisco. I will contact her for sending me the handouts of her presentation. Very interesting.
    Mayka Mei
  • Hyatt Ariel, social media expert, where I had a one-on-one talk after her presentation

The picture was taken on Visionary Monday

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