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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Video - 3 Way Colour Correction - Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro

I work with Adobe Premiere, but there is the same functionality in Final Cut Pro.
I use the 3-way-colour correction in videos in two ways:

1) Correct Colour:
If white balance was not made or light situation has changes after WB, a video can have a colour cast. I correct by adding the opposite colour in high (light colours).
Example:If a white wall is a little yellow, I add a colour between blue and red (opposite colour in colour scheme).

2) Effect:
I use it to bring mood into the video. To make a snow scene cool I add cyan to the video, to make a lovers scene more warm I add red or orange. In a summer landscape I would add yellow or green.
An interesting effect can be to add different colours in low, mid and high.
Add blue to low, orange to mid and yellow to high.

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