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Monday, April 30, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120430

Writing a Song on the Guitar

#Music production: What is a sound manifest?
zzzzra on Soundcloud (dub techno)
Control Massive on Ipad with MoDrum

Creative Portrait Session – PictureCorrect
High Impact Flash Photography Tips at Dusk
Stop Whining About Your Equipment, Get Out There And Shoot!
So you want to be a retoucher

How to Remove Blemishes: Portrait Retouching
How To Design A Gorgeous Big UI Button In Photoshop
Transparent Navigation Menu PSD Mockup Graphic Download
40 Examples of Incredible Photo Manipulation
Design A Sharp Brushed Metal Nameplate Background
Website Layouts: 50 Professional Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop CS6 Includes Improved Auto Adjustment Features
Quick Tip: Create a Steel Text Effect in Photoshop
Helpful Tips on creating a quality book cover design
How to Convert a Photo into a Sketch in Photoshop – PictureCorrect
Some Free Whiten Teeth Photoshop Tutorials
PSD: Photoshop Disasters: Photoshop Round-Up: Links We Love

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

After return from USA gotta check out all that new music produced. In Hollywood I did not surf much on music.
Collected business cards from musicians, producers, companies. Now gotta check the websites. Some bc I can't remember having taken.
Aaaah, European indie pop on the radio. I missed it.
Saw Lady Tasz. She looks phantastic. Looks like a celeb - and nobody knows

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120429

Exploding image with letters : Adobe After Effects basics
Free Downloads - VFX Bro (Use this project file for After Effects to easily slow down your footage …)
Build a Planetary Scene inside After Effects

Using Guitar Effects and Pedals

AirTalk Event: The history and future of Hollywood film music

#Music production:
Lush Dub Techno Synth Bank for Massive
How to create Hemi sync, mediative music?
Escalation Stab (Lead) using Native Instruments Massive

How to Be a Photography Expert – PictureCorrect
A Simple Lighting Technique for Couples Portraits
Everyone’s Lives, in Pictures

7 Photoshop Tutorial and Training Sites That Will Motivate You | Virtual Photography Studio
Moving Your Objects
Photoshop Tutorial 1:Sick Background in 3 minutes or Less
41 Nicest Photoshop Photo Effects [Photoshop Tutorials]
The Hidden Power of Photoshop Blend Modes: Removing Vignetting
SECRETS of Best Photoshop Effects Tutorial : Fireglow Photo tutorial
Free Photoshop Layer Styles No. 3
Get An Idiot’s Guide To Photoshop for free

#Social #Media:
11 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Gmail's New Interface
9 Steps to Compelling Contagious Content for Your Social Media Marketing
Optimize Your Social Media Pages for Search Engines
Social Media Rocks But Don't Forget About Direct Mail
8 must reads detail how to verify information in real-time, from social media, users
Starting Out With Social Media

#Writing: 36 Adjectives Describing Light

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120428

Resizing Heads using Multiple Shots in After Effects
#AfterEffects #Trapcode Form - Exploding image with letters : Adobe After Effects basics
How to Resize Actors Head in After Effects
Build a Planetary Scene inside After Effects
Adobe After Effects CS5 & CS5.5 * Writing expressions for source text
19 Free After Effects Plugins
50 Excellent Adobe After Effects Tutorials
Project Files - Walk and Text
Fractal Noise 3D
New Fractal 3D Noise for After Effects Creates 3D Noise that Interacts with Cameras & Lights
Visual effects, motion graphics software
Making of Filmofon intro by Jan Míka
#3d #animation #adobe #AfterEffects #tutorial...
NAB 2012: Adobe AfterEffects CS6 New Features
After Effects CS6 New Create Shapes from Vector Layers
Build a Planetary Scene inside After Effects

Adult Guitar Lessons
Free Guitar Lessons TV: 1000s of Free Guitar Lessons Online - Beginner Guitar Lessons

The Musiconomy - The Importance Of Music
RealTraps - Tune Your Room

#Music production:
10 Cures For A Songwriting Slump
Music Mixing Process 4- Effects |
Using Envelopes to manipulate sound
How to Make the Ryan Enzed Porter Robinson Remix Bassline
Emulate an 808 kick drum with Massive
How To Make Epic Electronic Beats
Space Cake Dubstep Bass Tutorial for NI Massive
Massive Dubstep – Nebulla Womp (60 sounds for Massive)
Brainworx release bx_saturator – M/S multiband saturation tool
How good is your knowledge of acoustics, and how does this affect your sound design?
Turntable Scratching Effect With NI Massive

How To Make Your Own Portable Studio Lighting Rig –
Creating an Image of Impact.
New York Time-lapse Photography (Wow!)
Are You Practicing these 5 Natural Lighting Tips?

How To Create a Grainy Abstract Lines Poster Design
Learn How to Create A Night Effect in Photoshop
X-ray Animation in Photoshop. Create a Cool Animated GIF. Simulate a Cool App.
How To Convert Text Into Clouds
Depth of Field in Portrait Photography – PictureCorrect
Design a Retro Postcard with 3D Text
Video tutorial: Create a vintage toy camera look in Photoshop
Tutorial: Understanding Curves | Nature Notes
How to create your own photoshop action(s) by *lieveheersbeestje on deviantART
50 Best Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials
100 Best Photoshop Tutorials of All Time that Yield Professional Results
Surreal and Conceptual Photo Manipulations
What Is Lens Diffraction And When Does Diffraction Happen?
Creating Windows Phone 7 Application and Marketplace Icons
15 + Enjoy Free Photoshop Abstract Brushes
Creative Dad Takes Crazy Photos Of Daughters
Pure an Energetic Photomanipulation | Photo Editing
35 Basic Tutorials to Get You Started with Photoshop
Beautiful Oil Painting Effect in Photoshop With Pixel Bender
How to change a photo into a pencil line drawing in Photoshop
40 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials for Textures and Backgrounds
Create a Medieval Battle Axe in Photoshop
200+ Free and High Quality Smoke Brushes For Photoshop
20 CV Templates pack, great freebie
How to improve the lighting of a photo in Photoshop
Resources for Learning Photoshop
Give your Photoshop illustrations a retro look and feel
A Photoshop HDR Workflow Example
Photoshop Tutorial: Find Edges filter
Extract Objects With Quick Selection Tool. | photoshop
How to Create Dark Face Cracks Portrait in Photoshop
How To Create a Grainy Abstract Lines Poster Design
Before & After {A Photoshop Editing Tutorial}

#Social #Media:
Where Is the Future of Social Media Marketing? [Research] | ClickZ
How social media changes the function of journalism

10 Tacky Terms
Write How You Write, Not How You Speak

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Back in Vienna from Hollywood. Cooking a steak to remember USA.
If you loose your sense of humour you are forlorn.
Still have jetlag. I feel soooo tired, my head is a stone. Did not really sleep in the plane from USA to Europe.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120425

Creating a Rotating Counter in After Effects
Aftereffects Intro 3 Second Long
Resizing Heads using Multiple Shots in After Effects
Set Render Queue Time Spans in After Effects with Render Queue Time Span Changer Script
Map Your Destination in AE
19 Free After Effects Plugins
Gabriel On The Road: After Effects resizing vectors for optimus swf export

What are Guitar Scales and how do I Use Them?
Here Comes the Sun (fingerstyle guitar) - The Beatles Video
Gibson History Guide | Learn Guitar

#Music production:
Massive Dubstep – Nebulla Womp (60 sounds for Massive)
The Ultimate MIDI Mapping Site for Digital DJs
NI Massive Tutorial from Marco Scherer – White Noise Fx
How Music Royalties Work
Knowledge Bank Series: Recreating a WEEP Synth
How to Make a Noisia Style Reese Bass in NI Massive
50 Drum & Bass Sounds For NI Massive
10 Free NI Massive Bass Presets – Neuro Bass Hive. Perfect for Dubstep
Houdini (Foster The People) Synth Tutorial for NI Massive
Scheduling sound edit/dubbing for TV animation
Control Massive on Ipad with MoDrum
What do I need to setup a 5.1 system?
Glass Cracking. - Social Sound Design

Travel Tip : Traveling With Pelican Cases » Dan Carr Photography
Persnickety Prints - Photography Tip: Manual Mode
Add Stunning Photo Filters Instantly! – Tekzilla Daily Tip
Create Purpose-Specific Albums For Your Photo Notes
Top 10 Dos and Don'ts for Great Portraits!
Use Belts to Fit a Shoot Through Umbrella To a Flash
Tip: Minimum Shutter Speed in Photography When Shooting Handheld
Cross Your T’s and Dot Your I’s
Taking Great Product Photos That Help Your Items Sell!
Relationship Between Shutter Speed and Focal Length
Tip : Using Lines
One flash, three studio lighting styles with Gavin Hoey
Breaking Photography Rules: by Scott Wyden Kivowitz ::
Keep a Polarizer Filter Handy
Are you an Unethical Photographer? 3 Things to Avoid
Digital Photo - Ten Long-Exposure Photography Tips—09/13/10
Turn your 2D designs into 3D product shots
3 Reasons You Should Give Up Your Dreams Of Being A Photographer | Virtual Photography Studio
Portrait Photography Tips: The Eyes
How To Create Fake Lightening In Photoshop - HD Video Tutorial
7 Killer Portrait Posing Tips (by Dustin Olsen)
Photo Tip: Using Natural Light
Red, White, & Blue - Photography
Teip: How To Photograph Concerts
Lighting Info, The Eyes Have It – Photography Tip
Newborn Photography Business Tip – Search Engine Optimization – Part 1
How to Save a Mixed Lighting Shot in Post-Production
Photography Tricks That Can Work For AnyoneDigital Cameras Tips and Guide!
Seven Sunrise-Landscape Tips
Photo tip number 1: The aperture
Get Your Reflection Out Of The Picture
Tip: Prime and Zoom Lenses Explained
It does matter if it’s black and white
The fast and easy way to clean dust.
Tip: Patience & Persistence
The ND grad filter: choosing and using it
Tips For Night Photography
How I Photograph Most Products Here On The Phoblographer
5 Different Portrait Lighting Positions
What Shutter Priority Mode Can Teach You About Your Camera
How to photograph food–and make the viewer’s stomach growl
Do You Wear a Camera?
10 Things Alex Webb Can Teach You About Street Photography
How To Find the Perfect F-Stop
Tip #16: Keep a Polarizer Filter Handy
A Simple Exercise to help You Learn to See Light
Flash Photography Tips And Tricks
Create Digital Tintype Photos
Conceptual photography & digital artwork by Martin Stranka | The D

Free vector about half tone vector pattern
Creating Halftone Pattern effect in Photoshop and Illustrator for Vectors Tutorial
Studio Lighting in Photography – PictureCorrect
Quick Tip: Light Effect Text Button
How to scan directly into Photoshop in a Snap!
Using Masks To Create a Cutout Effect : Shutterstock
Using Non-Linear History in Photoshop
Tip: Metal Plate with Text Engraving
tip – easy effect for more punch to your images «
Create Digital Tintype Photos | Psdtuts+
How to Create a Glossy Button Vector in Photo shop
Easy Starburst Diffusion Filter Effect in Photoshop
Tip - Orange County Portrait Photographers
Create a Cinematic “Sergeant America” Text Effect
Exporting Layered Files to Photoshop
Making Part of a Photo Transparent in Photoshop
Photo Tip: Partitioning Effects in Photoshop Layers
How to Create a Rusty Texture in Photoshop
Tip of the Week: How to Use Actions
Use Photoshop Touch To Make Instagram-Like Effects The Hard Way [How-To]
How To Make Skin Appear Softened
Making Colored Ball Icons in Photoshop
Beginner Tip 4: Hotkeys
Tip #2 3D Effect
Tip #1 – Gloss Effect
Quick Tip: Create a Dragan Style Portrait Effect in 5 Steps
Speed Up Your Workflow With Photoshop Actions
Visually Choose Fonts in Photoshop or Elements
Quick Tip: Create Digital Tint…
Easier Parallel Lines in Photoshop
Design a Nice Abstract Background for an Image
tip: Using layer comps to easily present your PSD files -
Tip: Episode 19 – Portrait Effects
Tip: Change Work Area Background
Tip: Controlling high contrast in Adobe Camera RAW
Tip: Clone Source Window
Tip: Redoing Levels
Create a Cool Photo Treatment Using Channels In Photoshop
50 Free High Quality PSDs
50 Excellent Adobe After Effects Tutorials

#Social #Media:
Age, Not Gender, Drives Most Social Media Use : MarketingProfs Article

11 Steps To Speed Up Your Wordpress Site

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Interesting: So many old movies on US TV, not only on MeTV. Laurel&Hardy, TheUntouchables, I Dream of Jeannie, Simon Templar,Rockford,...

How to find a girlfriend? chat her up, be friendly and polite, and if she doesn't like you move to the next. And never listen to what other men advise.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flight back home

Flighing at 7:50pm from LAX (Los Angeles) to LHR (London Heathrow).

In the morning packing things together, then walking along in Hollywood and doing some photoshots. Wheather is cool, cloudy and windy. 17-19C. Then with Metro to airport.
Hollywood Bvd - no real police officer, but sexy
Zorro at Kodak center - sometimes heros need a break (and phone)

Delay at London / Heathrow. Heathrow always is a stress desaster. Running to bus to get me from terminal 1 to terminal 3. Running to check-in. Running to gate B28. Then sitting and waiting - flight has 40min delay.

Arriving at 8pm in Vienna.

Today's Top Links 20120424

Project Files - Minimal showcase
After Effects Project Files - Game titles (free plugin)
Projectfile FileCloseup
After Effects Quicktip: How to Create Realistic Camera Shake
AfterEffects.6: Lighting Effects - Computer Applications
Aftereffects Tutorial 3: Typography - Computer Applications
Aetuts+ Weekend Workshop #10 – “Shop Go Shop”

Distorting Images in Illustrator

What Comprises a Guitar Chord?

The Guitar Channel: Current Listening
#Music production:
A Week of Automation in NI Massive
Hendrix meets the Monkey (scream filter and the freq shift effect...)
Audioboo / Coming in episode 45 of the Soundcast

Create a Layered Glowing Text Effect
Create rounded corners of images in Photoshop
LOOK YOUNGER, HOTTER – FOTOSHOP BY ADOBE (this commercial isn't real…)
RedGage Free Foto Fix Faerie
Photoshop Toolbox | photoshop-tutorial.org
Faded Polaroid 600 photo effect for a vintage look
Developing Photoshop Images filters with PHP 5 by Octavia Anghel
Colour enhancement – before and after
Photoshop Layer Mask keyboard shortcuts
Grab That Photoshop CS Tutorial -
Adding Text To Images In Photoshop -
Free Desktop wallpapers – Download desktop wallpapers for your computer
How to blur a part of text in Photoshop. Cool and simple Photoshop trick.
#Social #Media:
How To Use Social Media To Get More Website Traffic ~ Geeky Stuffs
The Top 5 Devious Lies You Hear About Social Media
In online video, minorities find an audience
Audio Archive: A Global View of Social Media
7 Social Media Myths Exposed

20 Words for That Certain Something

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Power nap? What is this? Power or nap. Power nap sounds like a musical silence. But excuse me for now. Uaaaaah bzzzzzz
ASCAP Expo was very interesting. Getting informed about new hard- and software for musicproduction. Look for videos.
Talking about is one thing, doing another. Something You can do, but should avoid to say it. Take the f-word as example.
Once I want to have a cake battle in Hollywood because that's the oldest gag in movies.
No songidea since 5(!) days. I am on a ceative cold turkey, man.
Rapper on Hollywood Bvd: "man §@&$ (ununderstandable) luv @$%# sound..." I: "Great! Ok, where is the hidden camera?"
Today I go for a steak. Whenever I am in the USA I take a steak the American way. It's a must-event for me.
Are you prepared for whatever comes? Be surprised for what you are not prepared!
Heard 5.1 surround sound. Great - if you have a room like in the hotel Renaissance where the ASCAP Expo takes place.
You do not hear music, you got to feel it.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Museum and shopping

Visited Hollywood Museum on North Highland. Hollywood movie reminiscences on 4 floors for 15$. Mae West, Marylin Monroe, Cary Grant, George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger and all other great names are part of this exhibition. Clothes, scenes, tools and hundreds of photos of the actors, producers, directors and other Hollywood movie involved. A big story is Max factor who invented so many cosmetic products to make the Hollywood stars look better. He built up a cosmetic empire, but was kidnapped. A few weeks after coming free he died. Tragic story - stuff for a Hollywood movie.
Hollywood Museum - Marilyn Monroe room

Visited also Hollywood Heritage museum not far, also on North Highland. Last year it was closed when I came there. This time I looked up the website in the morning. The house was originally located on Santa Monica Blvd and was moved to present location to save the building. Looked first successful Hollywood movie "The Squaw man" by Cecil B. DeMille made for $16k finally grossed over $200k nationwide.

Hoolywood Heritage Museum

Then moving to the Hollywood Bowl with the shell on stage. A remarkable place where the Beatles played on 23 August 1964 and 30 August 1965.

Later shopping on Hollywood Bvd. New shoes in a Outlet shop I always visit when in Hollywood.

Shopping in Melrose Ave. I know the Russian born shopmaid from last year. Puchased shirt, jeans and jackets.

Getting flavour cigars. We don't have that in Austria. A few pieces to remember Hollywood later when smoking in Vienna.

Today's Top Links 20120423

Creating a Planet & Space Scene Animation in After Effects
50+ Most Amazing Adobe After Effects Tutorials You Need to Learn
144 After Effects Plug-Ins
8 Jaw Dropping Night Sky Timelapse Videos
Expressing Control on Playback
Wiggle Visualizer

#Movie #Film:
Tupac Hologram at Coachella 2012

#Music production:
The Sound of Speed
Spotify: The Soundtrack to Your Brand | Beneath the Brand | Soundtrack
How To make a Dirty Dutch Lead Synth in NI Massive
A Better Default Patch For NI Massive
Using macros with Native Instruments Massive

Is Camera Lust Destroying Your Photography?
Photography Tip—How to Shoot High Dynamic Range (HDR) Pictures

Behind These Brick Walls In Photoshop
Make a Polaroid Effect for Your Photos
Satisfaction Guaranteed Graphic made easy using PS (Don't you need this for your music?)
50 Stunning Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials
Tilt shift effect photography - Photoshop tutorial
100 wonderful photo effects Photoshop tutorials
How to Clean Up a Self-Portrait in Photoshop - DesignFestival »
Photo Manipulate a Surreal Coffee Machine Contraption
20+ Tremendous Photoshop Tutorials For Web & Graphic Designer
You Won’t Believe This Enormous Photoshop Failure
3 Free PSD Website Templates
Reaching For The Stars - Photo Mystic Digital Photography
Create Digital Backgrounds In Photoshop -
Animal Inspired Photoshop Brush
Ultimate Free Spray and Splatter Paint Brushes
Free Photoshop Light Effect Brushes
Dramatic Text on Fire Effect in Photoshop
Create a Spectacular Flaming Meteor Effect on Text
Smoke Effect Photoshop Brushes
Free Photoshop Retro Brushes
Applying a Realistic Tattoo
Free Photoshop Brushes - Winter Breeze Brushes

#Social #Media:
10 things small businesses should know about using Twitter
The Social Media Revolution -- 2012
Social media has become the new digital marketplace.

It’s Acceptable to Use (Some) Contractions

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Good people give you positive moments, bad people give you experiences. The world is not perfect…
Where light is there is a shadow. Put the light high up to keep the shadow small.
Not easy to find fruits in supermarket. Don't Californians eat fruits? Grand Central Market in LA: shoot colourful photos - and get fruits.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120422

BG Renderer (a script to build a render queue)
Converting Frame Rates : Adobe After Effects Tutorial
After Effects Project Files - 3D Charts
Design Rhythmic Motion Typography in After Effects
Wiggle Visualizer - After Effects CS3 | Useful things | Presets
How to Apply & Work With a 3D Environment Layer in After Effects CS6
Quick Tip – Using A Delay Expression
AfterEffects Tutorial 3 - Computer Applications David An
top 5 easy adobe after effects expressions
Kinetic Text Expressions for AE

#Movie #Film:
Starlight Inception Music by World of WarCraft Composer - David Arkenstone | Soundtrack

8 reasons why your guitar won’t stay in tune

#Music production:
The Making Of Ultimate Destruction HD Sound Effects Library
How to write a hit: hooks
How to sell and tell music stories
What Dolby's New Tech Means to You, Practically Speaking. – Dolby Laboratories
15 Free Patches For NI Massive
How to make some Nero Basses in NI Massive (let's burn Rome)
Philip Moross: The Toughest Job in the Movie Biz: Writing the Original Song
Sound design for ‘Inception’ : Creating the sounds of dreams
Home Recording for the Classical Guitarist
Customizing CineBrass
User-Friendly Modular Synthesis - Circle Soft Synth Update + Mike Huckaby Preset Pack
Trap Beat Secrets - Kick & Bass Like Lex Luger

Brushing Up On Photoshop's Brush Tool
Create a Cool Photo Treatment Using Channels In Photoshop
23 Awesome Photos That Look Like They’re Photoshopped But Are Not
Learn how to blend two photos together | photoshop
17 Fresh & Free PS Brushes and Textures
Eliminate the red eyes picture sore
Two Simple Techniques To Help You Master the Pen Tool
How to Improve Picture Quality in Photoshop
Paint Hair, Cloth and Jewelry in Photoshop 2002
Let It Snow With Photoshop (even now in april)
Straighten A Crooked Photograph | photoshop
Graphics & Digital Designers eTips
RedGage Free Foto Fix Faerie
Moving Your Objects
How to Draw an Ultra Clean Apple Keyboard with Photoshop
How To Get Sharper Images
Creattica Redesign: Spectacular Photoshop Magic and Freebies
Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers by Infinite Skills
6 Main Ways on How to Make a Selection in Photoshop
New Liquify Performance and Usability Enhancements in Photoshop CS6
Colour enhancement – before and after
Tool Reveals How Much Celebs & Models Are Photoshopped
Obviously Photoshopped Fashion Photos That Make The Models Look Like Circus Freaks
Create Your Own Color Hubble Images
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tips and Tricks v1 Apk For Android OS

#Social #Media:
8 Hot Media Trends You Need to Know
5 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Today – Social Media, Social Marketing, SEO and SEM Blog
What it Takes to be a Social Media Strategist - Fan Mail Response | Online-Communities

Discrepancy vs. Disparity

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Harsh words, but true is better than "nice" or "ok". If a guitar solo is shit I say "shit". Because the audience is absolutely merciless..
Stress: In NYC people dig in junk food, then rush back to job. In LA people are not under pressure that much. People in LA are more relaxed.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Today's Top Links 20120420

Tips For Putting Together Your First Demo Reel
Link cc particle world producer to an emitter in After Effects
Making of Lego Star Wars by Álvaro Fernández
Wiggle Visualizer - After Effects CS3 | Useful things | Presets
After Effects region of interest

Cigar Box Guitar 3 String and Amp Combo The by SimplemanGuitars
What Comprises a Guitar Chord?
4 Simple Shortcuts to Grooving Guitar Tracks

#Music production:
1001loops is a unique loops & samples website. Download for free MP3 Creative Commons license
Generate album sales. Free webinar, must register (4 free)
How To Build A Professional Music Team
NI Massive Tutorial from Marco Scherer – Modulation OSC FX
NLS Quickstart Tutorial

Depth of Field in Photography
3 Ways to Know if Your Work is Good

Quick Tip: Create Digital Tint…
Photography Tip: Manual Mode
Photoshop Tutorial- Using a Luminosity Mask
Golden Shiny Skin Effect
Shadowing Acrylic Elements: A Photoshop Tutorial
Learn how to blend two photos together | photoshop
Graffiti with Photoshop • Dreamdealer
50+ Free Bamboo Textures For Photoshop
Simple, Sexy Sign up box on two Images

#Social #Media:
How To Market Successfully Using Social Media
7 Steps You Need Now to Get Your Social Media Selling
How Social Media Is Taking Over the News Industry [INFOGRAPHIC]

Quiz About Hyphenating Phrasal Adjectives

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)

Good to be in Hollywood again. US are so different from Europeans. I always enjoy Hollywood.
Today I saw a beauty. I looked at her and she at me. And then she was gone with the bus. She only left a memory. Magic moments happen…

Thursday, April 19, 2012

ASCAP Expo - Hollywood

2012 04 19 - 22:
At the Renaissance hotel / Hollywood at ASCAP Expo. Speeches and product demonstrations from 9am to 5pm. Had breakfast at 7am and starting the day with looking at ASCAP schedule to mark events I will visit. There events all through the day. So I have a banana with me. In the evening I fall into the hotel room putting a meal in the microwave.

On the last day I spoke a message to ASCAP into video camera. It was a short interview and I ended with the words: "It's not the first time here at ASCAP Expo in Hollywood. But to say it with Arnie's words, who is from the same country like me, I'LL BE BACK!"

Ex-governator ("I'll be back") is the running gag for me. Some Americans don't know our country, some mix it up with Australia (hey, we have Mozart, they have the kangaroos), but all know Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I met producers, musicians and other creatives.

Selection of interesting contacts:

with charming Lady Tasz

Maor - mastering engineer http://maorappelbaum.com/

Judy - CosmoCoalition http://www.cosmocoalition.org/

Today's Top Links 20120419

Understanding & Creating Bevels Using ShapeShifter for After Effects
Create a Rhythmic Seismograph in After Effects
Creating 3d for AfterEffects, Motion Blur, Antialiasing
Create a Rotating Counter ONE: Positioning 3D Layers : Adobe After Effects Tutorial
Video - Learn To Build 3D Phone Model From Scratch in AE
Design A Polished Infographic Stat Board Part 2
Design A Polished Infographic Stat Board Part 1
Wrapping text around a circle in After Effects «Angie Taylor
Free After Effects Intro plus Title Template/Project

#Music production:
NLS Quickstart Tutorial
Introduction to FL Studio’s Playlist
Beat Making Secrets
What is the Best Brass VST For Making South Beats?
NI Massive Tutorial from Marco Scherer – Modulation OSC FX
TST’s Dubstep Bass Wobble Tutorial
phonoLapse {+ software} at { sound + design } - free desktop app
Open Shruthi-1 Synth Evolves Deep Sound Capabilities, New 4-Pole Filter, Ice-White Case
DJ TechTools | The Art Of Prep – 5 Principles Every DJ Should know
Why John Lennon still rocks

Photo Manipulate a Surreal Coffee Machine Contraption
Photo Manipulate a Kick Ass Flaming Skull Scene
Quick Reflective Glowing 3D Text Effect
HDR, Tone-Mapping and Standard Time-lapse Photography in Asylum – PictureCorrect

Design Surreal Concept Manipulation with Alien Structures in Photoshop
Create a Scenic Sun Rise in Photoshop
Colorful Stuffed Text Effect
Convert your text to light particles using Adobe Photoshop
Two Simple Techniques To Help You Master the Pen Tool
5 Simple Tips to More Organized Photoshop Files
How to Colorize Old (Black & White) Photo [Photoshop tutorial]
Dodge and Burn for Photoshop Drama
Batch Watermarking & Adding Copyright with Photoshop
Combining Custom Brushes for Wild Effects in Photoshop
Cutting Out An Object Without Having Background
Create A Collage Of Polaroids From A Photo
Photoshop Tutorial: Hue/Saturation For Color Balance
Video Tutorial How to Make Cinemagraph
tutorials - Light Effect On A Model
Honey leaking effect on the delicious pancake.
How to Create This Freezing Cold Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop
7 Best Photoshop Plugins To Enhance Your Photo Editing Skills
Create Digital Tintype Photos | Psdtuts+
This is What Happens When You Photoshop Celebrities Into Your Holiday Party [35 pics]
Creating a 3D Typography in Photoshop

#Social #Media:
Five Tips for Building Your Brand's Social Personality
Learning about Blogging and WordPress « Knowledge Dispensary

11 Forms of Word Patronage to Forgo

WoW (Words of wisdom the world is waiting for ;-)
Hollywood: earthquake while i was in metro! waggon destroyed. Here no wounded, only screams. Then moved to next show in Universal Studios. :-)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Los Angeles - Downtown L.A.

Before leaving putting bananas in the fridge.

Visited Universal Studios again. I came at opening time, 10am. Because the studio tour was so interesting I did it again. Now I knew when to make my camera ready and where to point it to. Now I have a shot of the DeLorean from "Back to the future". Another great show was the 3D animation "Terminator 3D". Not only because Arnold Schwarzenegger plays - he is also from Austria - but the 3D animations are exciting. Effects appeal to all senses: When monsters explode you get a cold spray of water and seats are shaken.

After 2 hours I left for Downtown L.A. Going with metro to Union Station. Walking downtown.

Visited - as every year - the Grand Central Market at west 3rd and South Broadway. Fruits from Mexicans, oils from chinese, fast food and health care products. Great smells, colourful picture, busy market atmosphere. Sure I spent a few dollars.

50c for Angels Flight connecting Hill Street and Olive Street.

Angels flight
As every year I visit the Westin Bonaventure hotel building at Flower Street / West 4th Street. What a beautiful sight when going with one of the lifts up the 32nd floor. Not to forget the shops inside. Lady said, filming with triangle is not allowed. Big dark lobby with bar in the middle.

Now to the financial district. Interesting museum at Wells Fargo bank. You see an old coach. Business men going from one building to another. Some busy, some relaxed. I think life in LA is more relaxed. People in New York City seem to be more stressed, more under pressure. Here in LA people are obviously not as hectic as in NYC. I did not see so many people in the streets. Maybe it's because the streets are so wide and there is no traffic breakdown, not even in rush hour.

Short visit to Macy's. From 7th Street / Metro Center homewards to Hollywood Highland.
My bananas were frozen and feel like a stone on a iceplanet. The banana skin is partly dark brown. Cool effect, but no impact on the fruit inside.

Today's Top Links 20120418

Creating Automatic Lip Sync in After Effects Using a Papagayo (free open source) to After Effects Conversion

Free After Effects Lower Third Template "Corner Angles"
After Effects Project Files - UnShattered PACK
Auto-Typing for Expressions . Adobe Groups
Try CS5 tutorials for free!

Guitarists: How To Maximize Productive Use Of Your Energy Resources

So What's The Best Musical Instrument? : NPR | Soundtrack
5 Invaluable Tips for a Productive Band Practice

#Music production:
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood

Visiting Universal studios. At the ticket desk the officer acted as a sales representant and had advisory talks. "If you buy this then get benefits..." showing a paper, " do you want ...". People discussing, being unsure. I booked my ticket from Vienna. After standing 25 minutes in the sun he told me that I have to go to the guest desk. New game, new queue, silent Yippieh in my brain. Ok, second day for free is included.
Well on first sight it looks like Vienna, Wurschtelprater. A funzone with games and food. Food is sold everywhere, typical american food: fat and sugar. No thanks, not for me.

Now to first attraction, the Horror house. Great, I was shocked for real. Better then horror houses in vienna. Because they have real men working there as monsters. It is not a mechanical machine with forseeable actions. And if you pass the situation on the sideline the monster will take out his arm wider to grab you. No escape!

Horror house
Then I want to see Transformers 3D. Announced next show at 11h30. The show is in the lower lot. Passing the Apollo 13 capsule and statues of Tom Hanks and two others and going to endless elevators from Upper Lot to Lower Lot. Although announced the show is cancelled. Workers are going in and out and a guard said that the show will take place in one month.

endless moving stairs down to lower level
Now going to see Blues Brothers show. That was fun. They played all hits known from the movie and performed on stage to playback music, but sang live, together with a black lady with good voice and a black singer. Arriving and leaving in the original Blues brothers car with a big speaker on the roof.

Blues Brother near
Now to the Studio tour. Very impressing. 3D Jurassic park show, white shark coming, Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchock's "Psycho" attacking the car with a knife after putting a dead body into his car. Very impressing the whole cities with buildings and streets. It's all scenery. Also New York buildings where Criminal Minds is produced. Fire and noises and dancing cars moved by big robot arms from the movie "The fast and the furious". I also saw the DeLorean from the movie "Back to future".
DeLorean and other cars from the movies "Back to the future"

3D glasses are needed for a Jurasic park show in 3D. Dinosaurs are attacking the train with visitors and King Kong is not amused. They show parts of the movies when the train passes the scenery. And I felt an earthquake while in the metro. Waggons crashed, flames come out a gasoline tankcar. And water splashed toward us while the train is shattered. When the show is over the train moves to next attraction, robot arms move the metro waggons back to starting position, he fire ceases and water run off. The scenery is ready for the next train coming after 10 minutes. Best seats are 2nd or 3rd waggon (from 4) on the right side. There the white shark and Norman Bates is nearest.

The Special Effects show at 2h30 pm was cancelled due technical problems. Sh..... Even in Hollywood not everything is perfect. Now seeing Animal actors. Amazing what animals can do. It was a very great show with gags.

Marilyn Monroe to be pictured
Now back to the 4pm show of Special Effects. Well, nothing technically new for me, I saw factual films on tv, but impressing and funny too. They showed Bluebox, motion capture and other effects like a knife cutting a hand. With the help of a visitor. That young girl had a awful screaming, she would get a job as screamer for horror movies. Looking behind the scenes is usual in US shows there were gags and fun.
Universal Studios is a must for Hollywood visitors.

Finally I must say, it was impressing. And april is a good time for travelling. I had to wait maximum 15 minutes. No endless queues, no mass of people.
French village - could be in Provence

In the evening I wrote postcards to friends saying:
Earthquake in Hollywood studio
Today there was a earthquake while I was in the metro. Partly ceiling has collapsed. And it was a so warm and sunny day. In waggon there was nobody hurt, only screamings. Then I visited other shows at Universal Studios. Greetings from Hollywood!
Hardrock Cafe at Universal City