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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Shopping in Cannes

Walking on this sunny day in the City of Cannes on Boulevard de la Croisette down to harbour Port Pierre Cator. At the end there is a tower and a woman figure on a rock. The yacht charter services maintain the yachts in these days in cold January.

Then visiting exhibition in Espace Miramar with paintings by a painter named German. In Centre d'Art la Malmaison I saw painting by Ladislas Kijno, some awful, some interesting. Both buildings are at the La Croisette.

This Camembert is made of chocolate - cheezy!
As the year before I went to a Chocolate shop and purchased a Camembert. It looks like cheese, but it is made of chocolate.

Now to Rue d'Antibes, of course more pretty in summer. Even here on this elegant shopping street there are victims of the economic crisis. Some shops, more than one, have selloff because they close down. For tourists all is written in english and sometimes also in french. So I became to know about these problems.

Cigars: I usually smoke Vasco da Gama / Sumatra. The price here 5,50 Euro per pack, 5 cigars inside. In Cologne it was 4,20 and in Vienna 7,00 Euro. Big taxes on tobacco in Austria (is that good or bad?).

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