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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cutting Kunstmue festival films

moderating the clips
Festival film report means: waving arms in the air, bands acting on stage. Can there be new ideas? Hm, I do an intro placing videowalls showing shots from the Kunstmue festival in the scene where I present the upcoming.

Try to put effects on the shots although they had a good light show on stage. A little backstage shot in between makes it more interesting. And I did some good shots at Kunstmue festival. Read here for first impressions.

Gonna put effects in that were not seen at the show, but I want to try to combine report/docu with arts film. The expression or impression counts, what is a silly sentence saying "what counts" with an or. But better controversial than boring.

To get inspirations, hey I don't steal ideas ;-), I was watching Woodstock on DVD before starting cutting.

Secret of success - soccer and basketball

The secret why soccer is so popular is simply that performance measurement is imprecise. I mean one goal or less in 90 minutes, that says nothing about who playing better. Enough space for discussing both teams up to success. One dominated the game but had bad luck; finally is declared as the better player. The other team won 1:0. So both team's fans can celebrate and drink on their team.

Different situation in the USA. US-media want sensations. Every minute another spectacular highlight. That's why basketball is so popular in the USA.