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Friday, August 26, 2011

How to do tilt effect on photos

The tilt effect is a effect you get when photographing into a miniature world like toy train. The depth of focus is usually in the middle of the picture. All objects in this area are sharp. Outside this area, foreground and background, are blurred.

the original photo
You cannot get this effect with your camera with one shot. But with working over it with software you can make this effect. Here is how I do it.

In my example I took a shot with objects in the foreground, fireplug and lamp, in the middle, the small park and in the background, houses, a figure and the square.

What do I want?
Foreground, fireplug and lamp, should be blurred as well as the background. Only the park with trees and bushes as well as the facade of the house in this area should be sharp.

How to do?
  1. Make copies of the one layer: 2 for foreground, 2 for middle and 1 for background - the original layer keep as backup.
  2. Mark the first foreground area, all under the park, in the foreground layer. Soften the edges. Cut out the rest.
  3. Mark the fireplug and lamp in the second foreground layer. Don't soften the edges. Cut out the rest.
  4. Mark the trees and bushes and the part of the house's facade in the first middle layer. Don't soften the edges. Cut out the rest.
  5. the layers
  6. Mark the ground in the middle area in the second middle layer. Soften the edges. Cut out the rest. This is because we want to make the ground smoothly change from blur (foreground) to sharp (middle) to blur (background).
The layers should look like this:
  1. Foreground layer with fireplug and lamp
  2. Foreground layer, only ground
  3. Middle layer with ground
  4. Middle layer with park and trees
  5. Background layer
  6. Original layer - not visible
Now blur both foreground layers and the background layer

Colours Now the objacts should look like painted with coloured lacquer. To do so increase saturation. Sometimes I also change colour debth.

Result A look like into a miniature world.
hello mini world

Here is another example with more figures. The Figures look like painted. The effect is a little too extreme, but so you can figure out the result.